May 21st, 2011


Don't get lost in Heaven!

So, today was the day of Rapture. I haven't noticed anything special nor heard the sound of trumpets. And my day wasn't too bad.

Friday was an amazingly good day; I went to Helsinki to hang around, visited Morticia and what do you know, they had the most sweetest pink lolita dresses in discount! I remember how devastated I felt when I couldn't get one from Backstreet before they were sold out... And those dresses in Morticia are much better anyway.
I fitted one dress for size, it was size Large (usually the lolita dresses are made in Asian standards, and as you know Asians are very small and petite and that's why the dresses won't fit Finnish women who usually are very curvy and busty) and besides the material is very stretchy, and it fit me like a glove!
I knew that Morticia won't put aside their products for more than three days, especially products in discount. But the kind shop assistant put it aside for me once I told her I'm going to buy it on Tuesday.
It also makes me glad that another sweet dress in Hennes&Mauritz is also in discount, I will buy that one too.

I also visited Butterick's in Forum, and went to the basement floor where they had fancy dresses for sale; I noticed they sold Sgt. Pepper- styled jackets! They were expensive as fuck and probably looked a bit fake, but I will buy one.
They had three colours; red, blue and green. I immediately thought of buying the red one as I like red, but then again, I shouldn't discriminate other colours so I might pick the green one.

I am also indulging myself in chocolate, once again; it might ruin my health and make me die of a stroke at the age of 38, but at least I will live a happy life before that.

I have noticed that I like to indulge myself; I like pretty clothes, sweet treats, furnishing my dwelling, sleeping late in the morning and all that. Well, it's all part of a woman's mystique.
I know that once I go to school and then work, I have to get up early in the morning. I hate the idea, but I know that life is not always just dwelling in luxury. Besides, I need to study and work to make a living, so that I can enjoy life without having to thrive on social welfare.

This morning I got up early, before six o'clock because I didn't feel like sleeping anymore. Then I started feeling like I should sleep a little more, so I made a nice little nest on the sofa and slept until the sun had risen.

I took a shower, brushed my teeth and washed my face. I dressed into a short summer dress, and decided to wear hippie jeans under them so there would be no Ecchi moments.

Before the home meeting, I went to buy chocolate. At first I had the peculiar "I don't think this is such a good idea" feeling, but once I just went out and did what I had to, and noticed that it wasn't such a big deal.

As usually on Saturdays, I took part in the home meeting, after that Rami came to check if my apartment was tidy and clean.

After that, it was time for the housework; I hoovered the floor, washed laundry, beat the carpets, changed the bedsheets and towels, wiped the desks and tables clean, dusted my art objects, aired the apartment, and so on. Tomorrow I will mop the floor, wash the dishes, clean up the bathroom and wash the rest of the laundry.

I also made myself a facial mask, too bad once the stuff dries I have to splash lots of water on my face to wash it away; most of the mask ends up on my clothes and the towel.

In the afternoon, I started to feel bored. I could have done more housework, instead I decided to go to Helsinki.

I decided to take a train, because it would take about a quarter of an hour to get there when by a bus it takes three quarters. I walked to the Malminkartano train station as I like the surrounding nature better than the filthy concrete jungle in Myyrmäki station.

Once in Helsinki, I just wandered around, visited a few shops, and in the evening I took a train to Myyrmäki as the bus would take a long time to arrive.

Once home, I didn't bother with housework, except for washing laundry and putting clean linen on the bed.
I drew the curtains, took my pills, changed for nighties, and I'm off to bed once I have viewed my daily porn and eaten the rest of the second chocolate bar.
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:> Piercing for my nose. The same I used to have ever since I was 16 years old, a ring for the right side of my nose.
:> Buttload of new clothes, mainly from Hennes&Mauritz.
:> A pair of biker boots. I have usually worn ordinary boots with laces, so I want to try something new.
:> A new kitchen table with chairs. The current set my parents bought for me from a discount at Sotka is getting pretty seedy, and anyway it's very poor material, it gets scratches very easily and the screws and bolts holding the parts together often get loose. IKEA surely has some affordable ones.

* "extra welfare" is actually takuueläke [eläke = welfare, takuu = a word that actually has many meanings, depending on the word it gets paired with, it could mean something like "bail", "guarantee", "warrant"...]. There's a new law in Finland that all welfare should be given a raise of 100 euros to prevent poverty and make bread lines shorter. As for me, I already earn enough welfare to afford food, hygiene, chocolate and pay my rent and bills, but not for anything extra like clothes.

I took the proper forms to the Social Security Institution in February, and when I called them on Monday I was told that my papers are still waiting to be checked. It's frustrating as hell but I understand as they have lots of papers to go through.
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