May 22nd, 2011


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During the night I had a nightmare, I woke up with a start and yelled something like "Bluhblubuhbuhblublurgh!"

This morning when I got up and started doing the morning routines, my Internet connection started acting like a spoiled three- year- old with a cactus stuck up his ass, so I turned off my laptop and went to take a shower.

I conditioned my hair and used the last of the Lumene birch&honey (I was about to write "money") peeling cream and started using the Freeman pomegranate peeling cream.
I also used the L'oreal Cleanpod peeling cream on my face, and noticed that it isn't too effective as it foams too much and doesn't feel like peeling much. I threw it away and decided to buy some other peeling cream next week.

I brushed my teeth and noticed that the toothpaste I use is pretty strong stuff, as when I was riding my bicycle to Martinlaakso I still had the flavor of eucalyptus in my mouth.

It was a lovely, warm, sunny day and the air smelled of newly blooming flowers. Birds were chirping like lunatics and lots of people were out and about, walking their dogs or pushing their kids in a pram.

Once home, mom didn't nag about my ghetto booty, instead she gave me a bowl of Greek salad and we watched Frasier together. Dad was reclining on his side of the bed, reading a book by Maksim Gorki. I gave him a hug and was a little surprised to see how his hair has grayed even more, it's almost white now. It's not too bad but I hate the idea of my beloved parents growing old and weak and finally dying.

Dad had brought me some hazelnut chocolates from Rome, I took them along when I left. I also left a bit early as I started to feel bored.

I decided to take a bicycle ride before going home; I rode my bicycle along the long, winding road through the lush woods and almost all the way to Keimola, until I realised that I should turn back before I get lost or ride so far I get tired and don't feel like riding back.

I couldn't help noticing how exotic it feels when I visit the countryside or woods and then go back to the urbane area.

I rode a little longer way back to Myyrmäki, and decided to visit the shopping center; I had to visit bathroom to blow my nose, take a pee and poop and then visit a few shops.

I really don't see why there are so many fashion shops in Myyrmanni; almost all the shops that have quit have been replaced by a rag shop, and I don't know why they can't make a little more peculiar shops; candy shops, alternative clothing shops like Cybershop, Backstreet or Morticia, cafes selling Ben&Jerry ice cream, or shops for British & American groceries like Behnford's. Not all people are interested in fashionable clothes, shoes or something like that.

I walk- pushed my bicycle home and instead of watching the movie Saved! I cleaned up the bathroom and washed some laundry.

I hate it when I mop the floor, and my hallway starts smelling of cheese. It happens ALWAYS. And right after I have mopped the floors with a damp cloth, after they dry the stains start showing again.
The one thing I also hate is when I have finished all the cleaning, I notice that there is a butt load of dust bunnies on the floor, and I have to get the vacuum cleaner out again.
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I feel a bit unhappy right now, and I don't even know why, nothing is wrong in my life right now.
Is it because I don't feel like brushing my teeth and having a wash this evening? Usually when I skip the evening routine of having a major clean- up, I feel guilty. And dirty.

Let's make a quick sum- up of my current life.

I don't have monetary problems, now that I have the peculiar account provided by the social office. Sure, I have to live from check to check but it's okay, I have enough money to provide my daily needs. My next "payday" is on Tuesday, then I'm off to buy that amazing dress from Morticia.

My apartment is clean, just because I don't feel like sorting out the laundry hung on the drying rack doesn't mean I'm lazy and rotten. It's not even completely dry yet, I can do it tomorrow morning.

I will start studying after summer. Then I'll get a job.

Why am I so unhappy now? There's nothing wrong with my life.
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