May 27th, 2011


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Damn, I just wanked about seven times and I had to give my slitty- kitty a cold bath (which actually felt good, just like practicing tai chi on a dewy morning). Otherwise I couldn't have stopped 'gasming.

I had some weird dreams about things and stuff, and being an adventuress.

Luckily I managed to get up early, so that I could attend another activity group held by Laturi; we were going to go for a walk around the Hietaniemi graveyard, and then go to a BBQ party in Alvila.

After scrubbing myself, dressing up and having a breakfast, I started to feel bored so I decided to run some errands; I visited the library, but it was unusually closed because there was some sort of major clean- up going on, I only returned the DVD Smart People which was already past its due date.

I visited the bank to turn my loose change into crisp little bills, and had to listen to a bunch of old people bullshitting around me. I have noticed that not many young people use the bank nowadays when they are able to pay bills online and use credit/debit cards and such.

It took me such a long time in the bank before I got my money, after that it was too late to go back home to hang around so I took a bus to Helsinki.

Once in Helsinki, I visited Citymarket in Kamppi and bought a bar of raspberry- cranberry chocolate and a can of vegan chocolate milk.

Once in Laturi, we immediately set off to Hietaniemi.

In the graveyard, I felt kind of mixed feelings; sadness, solemnity, cheerfulness and mischief.

The graveyard is really really wide, when in the middle it seems like there are tombstones as far as the eye can see. We didn't visit the Veteran grove where my maternal grandparents are buried, but we visited the Orthodox and Muslim graveyard. It felt really refreshing, visiting Helsinki for some other reason than shopping.

Once in Alvila (it is this halfway house owned by Alvi, the company that owns Laturi and used to own Casa Franca before it was closed. Alvila is for older patients in Helsinki area), we went briefly inside and I got a change to pet their "therapy dog" Puttonen, he was really nice and quiet except his breath smelled of poop.

We grilled mince pies, sausages, and corn on the cob for the vegetarians. I snapped a few photos, ran around in the garden pretending I was flying, petted and stroked Puttonen.

After the BBQ was done, I visited a few shops downtown and went to the Tennispalatsi Art Museum as there's free admission every Friday between 11 a.m. - 4 p.m., and I still haven't purchased a new year card (the kind that costs 20 euros and allows me to have free admission for a full year to all the art museums owned by Helsinki city council).

I took a bus home, by then it started raining.

Once home, I ate the chocolate bar, looked at porn, wanked until my clit was sore. Ahh, the Internet.
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Newest addition to my collection of lolita dresses; bought on Tuesday from Morticia.

otsikko tai kuvaus

I think this falls clearly to the category "sweet pirate", as the bodice makes it look something a pirate wench would wear :3

I don't exactly know how to describe my clothing style; I buy clothes if I think they are nice. And right size, I might add; I usually buy clothes that are made in Asian countries, where native people tend to be short and slim. I'm kind of curvaceous and I have a podgy stomach and an apple butt, so I always have to buy them size Large or Extra Large despite being Medium sized.

I like to be smart when it comes to choosing right clothes for the next day; on weekends when I do a lot housework, a pair of pants or a swishy long skirt with a t- shirt is nice as it allows me to move around. I also wear clothes depending on the temperature; light clothes on hot days, thicker clothes on cold days.

My style is a meal between the alternative styles; any type of lolita, punk rocker, decora, indie, hippie... I'm not into hiphop or anything trendy, but I might buy a trendy article of clothing if I happen to think it is pleasant to my eye.
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Weird things that occurred this week:

1. I was walking past the usual spot where the Roma beggars are smoking their cigarettes. A couple of black hip hoppers were sitting beside them, as I walked past the other offered me his hand as if he wanted a handshake and asked me "How are you?"

2. I was waiting at the traffic lights when a man came up to me and started singing loudly "Bom bom bom bom bom!", as in the Beatles song All together now.

3. I was looking at some books being sold at the library (some libraries sell old books discarded from their collection), and an old woman walking past whined loudly how you have to pay with exact cash.