May 28th, 2011


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This morning I woke up to the racket coming from next door; at least I think it was next door, it could have also been the apartment downstairs or upstairs. We have such thin walls that I can never figure out where is the noise coming from!

Before the home meeting I was feeling very sleepy, actually it's a nice feeling when you lay down on a comfy sofa and let the blue waves of sleep wash over you. It would be enjoyable to lay down for a moment and wake up feeling refreshed, instead of sleeping for hours and hours and waking up all groggy.

I had to attend the home meeting downstairs. As usually, most of the ex- Francanians were missing; along with me, there were only Jussi and Joones.

After the meeting, the counselors checked out my apartment, complimented me on the fresh clean scent and chided me for the piles of dirty dishes.

I didn't bother with treating myself with a facial mask, I have decided not to do them anymore as they don't do anything special for my skin and besides they're a pain to wash off.

After they left, I slept a little more until Suvi came for a visit; she had just returned from her trip to Britain, she had brought me a humorous fridge magnet (Save the Earth - It's our only source of chocolate!), lolcat stickers and a notebook with a complimentary ballpoint pen. Thanks sweetheart, your gifts never disappoint me!

We went to see Maija, or more like Suvi had told me of visiting Maija and I wanted to come along. In case you didn't know, Maija is Elisa the Douchebag's adoptive mother and she is such an admirable, active woman with lots of interests and friends and hobbies; far from the same league as her adoptive daughter.

Suvi gave me a ride in her car. Maija had cooked vegetarian lasagna, two kinds of salads and apple pie with vanilla sauce. Gee, I wish I could cook as well as she can!

After a while, I went to the shopping mall Jumbo (Maija lives next to Jumbo) to buy some toothpaste, then I just looked around for a while until I went to the bus stop.

The bus 51 to Myyrmäki would take a long time, so I took the bus 650 to Helsinki. Once in Elielinaukio where I was waiting for the bus to Myyrmäki, I ogled two sweet lolita girls who looked like they had stepped right out of a Metamorphose catalog.

Once home, I didn't bother with housework, it was too late and I was too tired. I had a funny feeling in my stomach despite not being hungry, but I ate a few sandwiches and then I felt better.
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