May 29th, 2011


We seem to be missing a front door. Now how the fuck is the heat going to stay inside?

This morning I had such happy dreams about Christmas and summer; once I woke up, I thought it was December, and I was mildly surprised to realize that it was summer. Well, almost; it's still spring, next month it will be summer.

I wish this summer won't be so rainy and dull; mind, I like rainy and dull days, but not when it's the official season for sunny and warm days.
I'm not making big plans for summer; I will live day after day as usual, doing housework, wanking off to online porn, eating chocolate and keeping a diary, but I will also visit Korkeasaari (a zoo), Linnanmäki (an amusement park), Suomenlinna (old ruins of a badass fortress, it is a MUST place to visit in summer) and Tallinn, eat lots of strawberries and visit cafes and other places, and generally have fun.

In the morning I was feeling disgusted by the amount of bread crumbs crunching under my feet; I still haven't hoovered the floor, but I planned to do it today. I couldn't have done it yesterday as I spent most of the time before noon sleeping, and most of the time after noon I was on the move.

When taking a shower, I used peeling cream on my body, face and hands, and conditioner for my hair. The Freeman's Feeling Beautiful pomegranate peeling cream smells sickeningly sweet and quite artificial, and the peeling particles tend to feel crass when first applied and melt away after rubbed down.

I didn't bother with breakfast, just toasted some bread.
I hoovered the floor, and thought that this is the kind of day when I just. Don't. Feel. Like doing any housework.

Later the day I went to visit my parents' home; they were having a vacation in Rhode Island, mom had asked me to visit their home to sort out their mail.

It was a gray, rainy day; I rode my bicycle to Martinlaakso, and once in their place I sorted out the newspapers, bills and advertisements and put them on a neat pile on their bed.

I rode my bicycle around for a while; I wish I could get off my ass and ride my bicycle every day, because exercise is good for the body and soul. It's just that no matter how nice it feels to ride a bicycle, it always feels so hard to just get a grip of myself and do it instead of being all "I don't wannaaaaahhh..."

I visited Citymarket and bought two bars of chocolate. Once I receive my allowance day after tomorrow, I have to buy a toilet brush, a new pillow and a oven tray from IKEA and also the lovely minidress that's in discount in Hennes&Mauritz.

I wish I could get the extra welfare rollin' soon; I need to get my nose pierced, renew my gym membership, buy a new counterpane, kitchen equipment, clothes and most of all, new boots.

Once home, I managed to take the carpets out to dust them, wash the dishes, clean up the bathroom and mop the floor. Guh.
I have noticed that doing housework is very easy and kind of fun too, if it wouldn't feel so hard to just begin doing it! The same goes for going for a bicycle ride.

One thing I must mention; when I first wrote this entry, I noticed it was too short in my standards so I added a few points here and there, and ta- da!
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The new boots I'm going to purchase from Heluna Fashion, which specializes in environmentally friendly clothes, hygiene, cosmetics, shoes, handbags and such.

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