May 30th, 2011


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This morning I, once again, woke up early. And when I say early, I mean early. I mean, somewhere at half past four.

I didn't get up immediately, I just rolled around in my mismatched bed sheets for a while and thought if I can get some sleep.

After finally giving up 'n getting up, I gobbled what was left of yesterday's chocolate and did the morning routines as usual.

After I had checked all the sites that needed to be checked and cooking myself a breakfast and eating it, I started to feel bored.

I mean, really. I felt devastatingly bored. My apartment was completely silent, I could have blared some music; I actually felt like blaring music, but didn't feel like listening to the CDs I currently have.

Peace and quiet.
So veeeeeery quiet.
You could hear a pin drop.

I read Stephen King's Skeleton Crew, a collection of short stories; The Mist is my favorite, mainly because of the awesome movie based on it. The rest of the stories are just plainly madcap, like Here be tigers and the one about the damned clockwork monkey.

I was feeling bored out of my mind; the bleak morning light, the rain whipping down from the sky, the numb feeling in my head, my empty stomach demanding for something sweet and warm to be filled with, my dry lips demanding to be slicked with lip balm and picked until they bled, my mouth dry and tasting of old socks because of all the water I had drunk.

I felt slightly anguished; my grandma had promised to send me a ten- euro bill in the mail, I had put all my hopes in it as my weekly allowance wouldn't arrive until tomorrow. And as far as I knew, the blessed envelope wouldn't arrive until tomorrow.
Luckily I still had some money left to buy chocolate, but for me it is always hard to go outside to commit the first outing of the day. It was raining and I felt like going out would break the hibernation- like feeling.

Later I started to feel better; I listened to music and checked out some videos on YouTube.
I was delighted to find a Let's Play: Silent Hill 2 video where the player fails the Free the Innocent Man puzzle, along with the consequences.

Later the day the sky brightened up, and in a while the Sun started shining.

I decided to attend the weekly meeting in Laturi today, despite feeling all I don't wannaaaahhhh..., but I knew that today we would plan out where we could go for a trip on Friday; every summer Friday we go to for a trip, like a cottage by a lake, a funfair, a marketplace or zoo.

I was in the middle of watching an exciting scene of the movie Thinner on YouTube (I so need to see that movie, I have already read the Richard Bachman novel it was based on), when I realized I should go to the bus station.

Once there, I was supposed to take the bus 53, but the bus 52 arrived earlier so I caught it to Simonkylä. The aforementioned bus goes all the way to Korso, and I decided that if I forget the press the STOP button before the right stop, I would travel all the way to Korso and have some fun around there.

Which I didn't, I got off the bus a bit earlier and once in Laturi, I realized I was early too.

We decided to go to to the zoo, Korkeasaari on Friday the 3rd in June. I wish I will be able to save my money until then, as I have to pay my part of the trip that is 3,50 euros. And also some extra money to visit a cafe and buy some souvenirs.

After the meeting, I took a bus back to the Western part of Vantaa; I decided to get off the bus in Martinlaakso and walk to Myyrmäki.

I prefer riding a bicycle more than walking; I know how to walk, but I don't know the proper technique; I always end up slouching with achy legs and having a Creepy Moment.

Mind, it was such a beautiful day; the birds were twittering and tweeting, the temperature was pleasantly cool after hours of merciless raining, the light was soft as usually in early summer evenings, and the lilacs, roses and lilies of the valley spread their enchanting smell.

Once in Myyrmäki, I visited the library to lend Rosa Liksom's collection of short stories Tyhjän tien paratiisit (it has been translated to Dark paradise, while the exact, rough translation would be Paradises of an empty street) and fetch my requests; the Alice Sebold novel The Lovely Bones (the original English version, I had read the Finnish translation Oma taivas, literally A heaven of one's own), the DVD Precious (which turned out to be the same copy I had returned because it was too badly scratched) and the David Bowie album Hours... (it includes the song Thursday's child which I used to listen to while in the hospital, I was hoping it would bring up some bittersweet nostalgia).

I went to Citymarket and bought two bars of chocolate. I also looked for some stuff to buy tomorrow; I have to buy a proper toilet brush, and also a pillow and an oven tray from IKEA and the lovely dress from discount in Hennes&Mauritz.

While walking up the Kitler hill, I read the book The Lovely Bones. Just for my own amusement, I started figuring out what my own heaven would look like?

Once home, I had an ordinary evening; finished watching some horror videos that Youtube had to offer, ate chocolate, surfed on the Internet and did the morning routines.

Oh, and one last thing; I once again tried my luck with the ergonomic Ben Wa ball I had bought a while ago; I lubed both the ball and my vaginal opening, but once I tried to insert the ball it felt like my muscles were rebelling, trying to push the intruder out. I figured out that my vaginal muscles might be too exercised, but goddamn, the reason I bought the Ben Wa ball was to exercise the muscles!

I will update later this evening, so stay tuned...
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