May 31st, 2011


Let's see...

If a seductively dressed woman goes out in public and gets raped or harassed, it is said it's her fault because of her choice of clothing. I mean, she implied she was ready for sex.

If a woman dressed in flashy, expensive, fashionable clothing with a Vuitton handbag and Malono Blahnik shoes and goes out in public and gets robbed, is it her fault? I mean, she implied she had a lot of money with her.

If a Roma or a Somali woman goes out in public wearing her national clothing, and is a victim of a hate crime, is it her fault? I mean, she was implying she was of different race.

How a woman should dress, in order of not being a victim of a crime?

Don't ask me. Once when I was wearing baggy jeans, a Friday the 13th t- shirt that was too sizes too big and my tangled hair was strapped on a modest ponytail, a man told his pal that I am the kind of girl he would like to share his bed with.

Once when I was wearing hippie clothing (a shirt with sequined flowers and long chiffon skirt) and my hair was mousy as usual, a man told me that I have nice boobs.

Sometimes when I have been out wearing a pair of jeans and a simple t- shirt, even my own neighboring men have gone crazy with lust: Hey Jani, come and get a load of this! There's a piece of badonkadonk on the move!

And then the usual; once when I was wearing my favorite miniskirt and fishnet stockings, a man told me that it is the sign of spring when gellies start wearing tight skirts. Once when I was on a walk in a suburb near my home, wearing a short gothic ballet skirt, a man asked me if I can sell him some nude pictures.

So, kindly tell me; How should a woman dress, in order of not being a victim of a crime?

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After reading the book and seeing the movie The Lovely Bones, I started imagining that once I'm dead and go to Heaven, what would a Heaven of my own look like?

First of all, when I would pass through the pearly gates (even though in movies they are always depicted as golden) my grandma Aino and grandpa Mauno would be there to greet me, along with my dear dead guinea pig Marvin.

The place where I would live in would be a carbon- copy of the old summer cottage my family used to own, which resides in Northern Savonia and is currently owned by an unruly family after the renting time of the plot ran out. I have mentioned it before, I have tons of dreams about it nowadays.
My guinea pig Marvin would be my roomie, and he would always run up to me and beg me to take him into my lap. He would live in a cardboard box with lots of toys and teddy bears.

The house would be painted with psychedelic patterns like Gypsy women and unicorns, inside there would be Victorian rose pattern wallpapers and would be furnished with 70's styled with wooden furniture and Marimekko curtains; my bed would have soft pillows and the Asian- styled blanket from DAY or Indiska I have had my eye on for a long time.

Every day I would have cold- smoked salmon bagels for meals, lime Jell-O for dessert and eat different brands of chocolate bars and confections as a snack, and still be healthy. For Marvin I would feed sweet carrots and fresh cucumbers from my garden.

Every day I would go for a bike ride through the orange cornfields under the purple sky, through landscaped like Arizonian deserts and the suburban streets I used to slouch through when I still lived, and cry out from pure joy. I would watch horror movies that had not been published in Finland, I would have enough time to write a diary every day.

I would swim with dolphins in the lake, play a guitar with John Lennon and Janis Joplin, and have philosophical debates with Jack Kerouac.

I would meet different people and explore their own heavens, I would never have Creepy Moments or psychoses and I could go out without the fear of being harassed.

I would live a life of everlasting happiness, and never be bored again.

But my only question is; would I have a soulmate in Heaven?
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Without fourty ounces of social skills I'm just an ass in the crack of humanity.

This morning I, once again, woke up early, somewhere between three and five. I seem to have experienced a change in my sleeping pattern once again; there are mornings when I have slept all the way to one in the afternoon. Comes in handy in these Tuesdays when I'm supposed to receive my weekly allowance before one in the afternoon.

I was thinking of wearing a white blouse that was too tight and a long powder- blue gingham skirt, but instead changed it to a yellow summer dress.

After finishing my breakfast, I was getting bored so I took a nap until the money would arrive.

I had happy dreams of huge helium- filled balloons depicting purple rhinos, and the sun shining in winter. I was a bit surprised to wake up and notice it wasn't winter.

It was one in the afternoon, I logged in to my online bank account and there it was. I was off.

I went down the Kitler hill to the library and returned some items; I also took the DVD Precious to the counter and told the librarian that the DVD was so badly scratched that it couldn't be viewed. I requested another copy of it.

I was thinking of going to rent a movie, but then I remembered that I should get some cash.

For some reason all the cash points were closed, except one in the shopping center. I found it after a while and withdrew hundred euros.

I went to Makuuni and rented the movie Orphan, I also tried to look for Thinner but I don't know what it is called in the Finnish translation.

I took the bus 530 to Espoo, visited IKEA and bought a new pillow along with some kitchen equipment. I like shopping in IKEA as they have quality that is never too expensive.

I took the bus 27 to Leppävaara and the A train to Helsinki. I bought a tank top (purple and orange leopard patterned stripes) and a dress (sleeveless, ankle- length hem, peachy orange with the peace sign on the chest), then I took the bus 452 to Myyrmäki and went grocery shopping. I forgot that I should have bought paper handkerchiefs and skin- coloured thighs, but I forgot. I also remembered to buy a proper toilet brush.

Once home, it was six in the evening. I watched the movie Orphan, next week I might rent Trick 'n Treat or some other horror movie, I almost never rent anything else than horror movies!
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