June 2nd, 2011


Roller derby names

1. Poppy Concrete (I have no idea)
2. Polly Rocket (as in Polly Pocket. I was first thinking of Hot Pocket, but, bleh)
3. Mary Hell Bell (after the notorious ten years old murderess Mary Bell)

Comment if you have any names you have thought up yourself.
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Holidays suck so bad, if they're the kind of days when all the shops, libraries, art museums and other nice places are closed, and if celebrating it doesn't require eating copious amounts of chocolate, family meals, sending pretty cards to loved ones and such.

In the morning I got up after six, went back to bed and had wet dreams that always occur in the state between being 60 % asleep and 40 % awake.
I thought I might sleep all the way to the evening, I didn't mind the idea as I probably wouldn't do anything special today despite avoid washing the dishes, eat lime Jello and chocolate, watch the movie Poltergeist and then spend the rest of the day watching the rest of the Five Faces of Darkness episodes.

I sure did that.
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