June 5th, 2011


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Yesterday wasn't too nice; I didn't bother with housework, I had a terrible headache for no reason and I went to sleep at seven p.m. after taking a long nap, and didn't even bother with dressing the bed with new sheets. All day I felt useless, but like I always remind myself; if today sucks, tomorrow will be better.

I had some bad dreams, and in the morning I felt downright miserable. I have enough food to keep my strength up till next Tuesday, but no money or chocolate. I hate it how my weekly allowance always ends before the next payday.
I also hate how I'm never able to afford anything else than just the basic needs; you have probably read from my journal that I like to visit cafes and go shopping, but that usually takes a toll on my grocery money.

After taking a shower (I forgot to use facial peeling cream), dressing up and eating a modest breakfast, I washed some laundry and then decided to go meet my parents.

I hopped onto my bicycle and drove to Martinlaakso, where both of my parents and also my brother were home.

My parents had just returned from Greece, they had brought me a small cherry creme- filled chocolate bar which was eaten in one go.

Sometimes I am a bit worried about my brother; he is terribly skinny, his bones stick out in a nauseating manner. I'm also worried about how he managed all alone in Tampere, where he studies computer science.
But according to my parents, he's doing just fine and besides he is skinny because that's just his body; our father was very skinny too when he was the same age.
I would be skinny too if it wasn't for all of the chocolate I have put into myself; not that I'd like to be as skinny as my brother.

My brother told me he could fix my printer, and we decided to ride our bicycles (or more like, my brother borrowed my father's bicycle) to my place. My dad was too busy, he had to visit a sports shop so he couldn't give my brother a ride.

The trip to Myyrmäki went pretty smoothly, and my brother fixed my printer. Actually there was nothing wrong with the printer, there was just this small thingamajig I had to notice when using the printer, or something like that.
Sami was surprisingly cool, usually he's very passive- aggressive and he can be really mean and emotionally abusive.

Just to try it out, I printed this picture I had found on Tumblr, and scotch- taped it onto my wall which is right opposite me now.


I did the rest of the housework I'm supposed to do every weekend; washed more laundry, hoovered the floor, took the carpets out to beat them, cleaned up the bathroom, aired the apartment and washed the dishes.

I decided to go for a bike ride, it wasn't too late yet and besides I knew the route I would like to take.

During the ride I almost got a Creepy Moment.
In Jokiuoma park there was this festival named Louhela Jam, I didn't bother attending it as I don't like those kind of happenings where people only get drunk and have fights. Besides I usually detest places with too much people.

Once home, I tried to have as nice evening as possible.

My lower back hurts, and I don't know why.

I'm starting to feel miserable once again.
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