June 6th, 2011


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In the morning, after getting up I felt a bit sleepy so I went back to bed, even though I had previously made it.

I ended up sleeping till three p.m., and I started thinking if I should get up. I decided to get up, even though I was thinking of sleeping all day and waiting for tomorrow when I get my welfare.

I took a shower, and then went out for errands; I returned my antibiotics to the pharmacist for recycling, visited the library to return some items and fetch my requests, and then visit Citymarket to see what kind of facial cleaning I should buy for myself.

I met Mirva, one of my friends from Hämeenkylä high school. I sat next to her, she shared some of her candies with me and we talked about our life.
Nowadays Mirva works as a postwoman, and her life seems to be much better now. I'm so happy for her.

I decided to go out for an urban adventure; I took the bus 52 to Korso, the asshole of Vantaa, just to look around.
The trip took a long time, and once there, it was a total waste of time as I had a terrible need
to pee and there was no free toilet nearby, and besides I was still feeling a bit light- headed after hours of sleeping.

I decided to go to Helsinki and travel back to Myyrmäki. There were very scarce buses going to Helsinki, so I took a train.

I was thinking, it won't be so bad when I start to study as a librarian and then get a job. It will feel awful to get up every morning at six o'clock or earlier, sure, but I will be able to do that.

Once in Helsinki, I took the bus 452 to Myyrmäki. I knew today wasn't wasted.
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