June 8th, 2011


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I'm still waiting for the extra welfare, the only problem is that my application is still waiting in the huge pile of other applications in the social security institution; I can't do anything else than wait.
One of the counselors from Laturi told me that I could ask my social worker for this; the social office pays me the amount of the extra welfare, some 106 euros a month until my application is done and I receive the extra welfare retroactively, and the retroactive money is used to pay back the social office. Or something like that.
I could wait until my application is done and I receive extra money, the only problem is that it will take the whole summer and it makes me sad in the face that I won't be able to attend any kind of fun because I'm always flat broke; all the money I earn goes to bills, rent, food, hygiene, I am not able to afford two chocolate bars a day as before.
And I had planned such wonderful summer; roller derbies, amusement parks, zoos, historical places and shopping in Tallinn.
Money can't buy happiness and the best things in life cannot be bought with money, yadda yadda yadda. But if your only fun in life is sunshine and library books, mind, it might be a bit boring.

I like money! I like stuff that can be bought with money!
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