June 10th, 2011


Hat keeps your head in good shape

So okay, yesterday I checked my online bank account just for shits and giggles, and I was in for a huge surprise when I noticed that I had received about 300 euros! It was the regressive welfare; I had to wait three months for my application for guarantee welfare to be processed, and they paid me three month's worth of the welfare, I think it's done as a compensation for waiting so long.

I practically had stars in my eyes while thinking what I could buy, I knew I had decided to buy the biker boots but then I decided to buy them later, my current boots are not too shabby so I can wear them for another half of a year. I decided that I should buy the small things first, notebooks, clothes, jewelry and such, and then buy the bigger things like a carpet for my hallway, nose piercing, counterpane and such.

I was off, first I took a bus to Helsinki and bought clothes, notebooks and art objects. You can tell me that I shouldn't blow my welfare on frivolity and then whine for being broke, but it's my money and I can do whatever I want with it, I will be paid my grocery money next Tuesday, and besides I still have wads of bills left.

It's so strange, the natural high that money gives you. I felt lightheaded, ecstatic; when it was time to go home, I bought two chocolate bars from the K- Market in Central Railway Station.

On the way home in the bus 452, I rummaged through my carrier bags and picked the price tags off my belongings, and what do you know, I managed to spill all the stuff all over the floor; that is, if buses have a floor. When I was picking them up, the bus took a turn and I was flung towards another passenger; I apologized and asked if she was hurt, but she was okay.

Once in Myyrmäki, I visited Anttila and bought a tube of Lumene Vitamin C peeling cream and the DVD The Lovely Bones.
I also wanted to buy the first season of Pingu on DVD (I'm a bit amazed it has been published on DVD, but I rather expect it to be remade in the icky new style the episodes are made; the penguins make noises that are weirder than weird and all the characters seem to be too shiny and exquisitely made. I rather like old school Pingu), but according to the shop assistant, they didn't have it. Which is weird because a month ago I saw at least one copy of it in the children's DVD shelf.

Once home, I put the new belongings to their rightful places, watched the movie I had bought and ate chocolate. I was still in a fizzy mood, I almost took an overdose of sedatives before I finally fell asleep.

I don't remember having any dreams. This morning I woke up feeling funny because all the pills I had taken, but I was lucky to be alive.

I noticed that my boobs were swollen, and my nipples were too. They looked like small set of tits on my tits.

I was wriggling my toes in anticipation for going for another shopping spree, but first I took a shower, brushed my teeth, and that's when my mom called me. I had to swallow the froth before answering.

Usually when she calls me early, and if she calls me at all, I think it's about something serious like grandma passing away or then she has looked at my online bank account (she's the one who opened the account for me, so she has the right to look at my balance time after time), and I'm up for a lecture about being so prodigal.

No, mom called me to ask when we should travel to Tallinn; we have been planning it ever since before I broke my arm, but it was always put off. Mom suggested June 15th which is also her birthday and pay day; that's also when I have to go to Peijas hospital to have another check- up on my arm. We decided for, um, I can't remember but I'll ask her later.

After the call I brushed my teeth, pondered what to wear today, dressed up and prettied myself up, grabbed my cap and I was off.

First I went to Citymarket and bought sanitary pads (my menses had skipped last month but they begun on Tuesday; I had no menstrual pain or excessive bleeding), two chocolate bars and a tube of toothpaste. I love the feeling of having extra money to buy groceries without having to wait for next pay day.
I wish I had enough money so I wouldn't have to spend the weekly allowance on massive amounts of groceries so they won't run out before the next payday; and then be flat broke until next week.

I also bought Magnum Double Caramel, and sat on a bench to nibble on it. I intended to take the bus 51 to Jumbo, but the bus 53 arrived earlier.

In Jumbo, I went to Hennes&Mauritz to buy an olive green tank top and a pair of black shorts, but after spending fifteen minutes at the cashier and then noticing that the shop assistants were not ignoring me, but the cashier was closed, I discarded the clothes and went to SinCity.

I wanted to buy a vulva- esque purse, but they were sold out so instead I bought a dildo made of strawberry flavored gummy candy, and ate it while traveling to Helsinki in the bus 650.

Once in Helsinki, I went to Kiasma Shop and bought a poster depicting the painting Boxing is heavenly business by Rosa Liksom. It cost 6 euros and I got discount for having the Friends of Kiasma membership card.

I was thinking of visiting more shops, but then again, I didn't feel like buying anything extra, I wanted to save a little money before the next payday and besides it was scorching hot outside and I was developing a migraine (in behalf of the cap squeezing my head).

The bus 452 had just left, so I took the M train to Malminkartano and walked home.

I was craving for raspberry juice, but I was so thirsty I didn't feel like going to the shops again so I went home and downed a jugful of tap water. Can't beat the feeling.

I spent the rest of the day home, blew some soap bubbles on my balcony, ate chocolate, watched movies, put the pictures on my walls to better order to make room for more, picked the price tags off my older notebooks and put them in new order.

My chocolate bars were about to melt so I put them into the fridge, now they're rock hard and taste weird.

It's so hot in here, the heat makes me feel soggy like I'm trying to trudge in oatmeal.
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