June 12th, 2011


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God, this heat wave is making my life unbearable.
Yesterday when Suvi visited me, I had the most horrible headache, I felt hot despite wearing nothing but underwear and then I started puking like crazy.
I went early to bed and had all kinds of crazy thoughts crossing my head.
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I didn't bother updating yesterday, as I was too busy barfing my guts out.

Due to the heat wave, almost every morning I have woken up at three, sweating my buns off, gotten up and done a few odd jobs here and there and eaten chocolate, then deciding it's too early and gone back to bed to sleep until it's socially acceptable to start washing laundry and hoovering, as it was Saturday and I was supposed to do housework.

After having a proper scrubbing, I was thinking of wearing the geisha skirt with some thick stockings, as the skirt has a petticoat made of crass fishnet and it tends to tear my tights, but then I got smarter and realized that it is a very hot day, I would fry like a fish on a pan if I wore such clothes. So I wore the yellow 50's dress which I usually wear on housework days.

I washed laundry, took the carpets out to dust them, wiped the desks and tables clean and aired the apartment.

Later the day Suvi visited me. She brought me the DVD I had asked her to order for me from Amazon.com, the 2002 remake of Stephen King's Carrie. She also brought some lemon flavored ice tea for refreshments.

We watched the movie The Lovely Bones. I started having a huge migraine, I took a pain killer and after a while I took another, but it didn't help.

After Suvi left, I took off all my clothes and sprayed my body with cool water, and I was still hot. I tried to watch the movie Carrie, and I was in for a surprise when my DVD player said "Invalid disc region". I can't understand it, Suvi had told me that when she had viewed it on her own computer, it had worked!

I took a cool shower, it made me feel better but only for a while. Then the puking started.

I took my meds and went to bed, I had some weird dreams about the matters of life and death and visions of the Decepticon Shockwave from Transformers G1. This morning I continued puking.

I will update later today, as usual.
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The one thing I hate about heat wave is how my chocolate bars melt before I get a change to eat them. That's why I chose the appropriate icon for this post; that mofo shining in the sky, making my lily white skin burn and trolling us with heat waves!

The one thing I also hate is how old people are always discussing their surgeries and illnesses in buses and cashier lines.

I had slept buck- naked with only one blanket so I wouldn't drown in my sweat. I didn't get any sleep, so I got up at three in the morning, made my bed, took my meds, surfed on the Internet, threw up a few times and then grabbed my cuddle blanket and went back to bed.
I felt surprisingly comfortable, sleeping on the made bed under the Ed Hardy fleece blanket.

I got up at eight in the morning, feeling less sick than earlier, almost healthy. It was a nice feeling.

I had a wash and dressed up. After a while, I had to go downstairs to the home meeting which was exceptionally held today.

Along with me, only Okko and Joonas attended it too. Naskali had supposedly moved back home to his mother and also had a feeling if he should go back to the mental ward. I am more and more worried about him.

After the meeting, the counselor whom I have met many times but still can't remember her name, came to check my apartment.
After she left, I cleaned the puke from the kitchen sink, washed a load of laundry and wrote a shopping list for the next week. And also planned to buy another dustbin for my bathroom.

I was supposed to bring my laptop along when I go meet my parents; my dad wanted to analyze it so he can figure out if he should buy me a new one.
I turned my laptop off, wrapped it into a fleece hoodie and put it into the big green lotus- patterned GlobeHope bag I now use as a small suitcase.

I noticed how nice it is when my laptop is turned off; the apartment is silent as a holy night, and I can divert my attention to something else than switching to zombie mode.

After a while, momerson called me and asked if I am coming over; I told her I was coming over as soon as I have hung the laundry.

I hung the laundry after it was done, and the middle of my back started hurting. It happens sometimes, my back hurts when I wash the dishes and hung the laundry.

I grabbed my Optimus Prime backpack, Globe Hope suitcase and put on my big stompy boots, then I was off.

It was still hot outside, the sky was practically glowing and the tarmac was rippling like summery lakes.

Once in the bus station, I sat on a bench under the shade of a tree, dug my cosmetics bag from my backpack and started prettying myself up. All of a sudden, a withered flower dropped from the tree straight inside the opened bag! It was like a blessing or a gift from the tree, but I decided to pick it out and throw it to the grass.

I took the bus 53 to Martinlaakso.
Only mom was home, dad was cycling. I made myself a few cups of cocoa, ate the salad my mom had made and watched Frasier with her.

I like it when my mom cuddles me and tells me I am her precious darling; she does it very rarely these days. Usually when I try to hug her, she throws out her arms and snaps: "Alright Miia, that's enough!"

After dad came home, I hugged him; I can hug him many times when I meet him and he always hugs me back. I like hugging him, he's like a huge warm teddy bear.

I plugged my laptop in and turned it on, dad inspected it and told me that as long as it works, if you don't count the overheating and the weird buzzing noise it makes, I'm not going to get a new one. Bleh, I had just deleted some useless files so they wouldn't take up excess room when I transfer them to my USB key and then to my new laptop. Oh well, good riddance.

I ended up staying a couple of hours, mostly surfing on the Internet. It was quite entertaining, because usually when visiting my parents I have nothing else to do than eat all the cheese I can find, watch old VHS tapes, look at baby photos and try not to annoy my parents when I want some comfort.

After a while, I turned my laptop off, packed it and looked at some photos of my brother's baptizing, and asked my parents why they don't have any photos of my baptizing; dad told me that their craptastic camera stopped working on the day.
Well, I have seen a few ones, a couple of photos of my cousin Kati as a teenager holding me in her arms, her brother Timo sitting next to her and my toddler brother dressed up all dapper with a small bow tie. And another one where I'm wearing a traditional baptizing dress, a long- hemmed white dress with pink satin bows, bawling with my face crinkled and red.

I kissed both of my parents on the top of their heads and then I left.
I barely made it to the bus 51, and once home I decided that after I am done surfing on the Internet, I will wash the dishes, clean up my bathroom and mop the floor. Which I haven't done, so see you tomorrow.
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♥ I hope I don't puke like crazy tonight.

♥ Whoa, over 1730 entries? When did I manage to write so much?

♥ I just heard the thunder rumbling; it was predicted that after the heatwave which was three days too long, the thunderstorms would arrive. Which is okay, if the temperature cools down.

♥ I remember summer 2010, every day was hot and sunny which I didn't mind, but one day was chilly and gray and I was very happy about it; I tried to spend the day as well as I could, that is, going to the Kiasma art museum. Once in the Elielinaukio bus station, I wrote into my notebook "Toivon ettei hetki tää tule koskaan loppumaan" (I wish this moment would never end).

♥ I have started submitting my poetry to Facebook, through the note system thingy... I have a couple of dozens of them, so I decided to submit three poems a day to not to troll my friends. And oh, you can find my poetry on LiveJournal under the tag "poetry for shizz".

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Angel Lips II

You are my cutie, my sunshine.
You are my four- leaf clover and a baby ladybug.
You make me happy when the world kicks my ass.

I can't promise you riches and a castle, I can't promise you a ring and a wedding, not even three meals a day,
But I can promise you this;

If you ever need a helping hand, I will be there for you.
If you ever need a listening ear or a shoulder to cry on, I will be there for you.
If you need someone who is loving and kind to you, I will nurture and cherish you till death do us apart.
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