June 15th, 2011


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So, I guess I'll make a thorough update about me and my mother's trip to Tallinn.

I had terrible dreams before I woke up, I was supposed to attend this art group which I didn't want to attend, instead I dyed my hair blue with oil paint, cursed the counselor in her face, stole two heavy art books and ran away. Gee, it was relieving to wake up and see that I was home.

I got up at seven and did the morning routines as usual. Before going out, I rummaged through my backpack and left out everything that I wouldn't need on the trip.

I met mom in the mall, we took a train to Helsinki and walked to the harbor, mom bought half a liter of blueberries. They were those nummy ones that grow in bushes, they don't get all squishy or stain your fingers.

We had lunch, then we had coffee and I got a cup of cocoa and a marzipan cake. I also visited Tax Free to buy a bag of salty salmiakki candies.

Once in Tallinn, we mainly walked from one place to another. I was getting tired and moody, and wanted to yell at my mother when she walked too slowly.

We visited the shopping mall next to Viru hotel, I tried to use my Visa Electron to withdraw money, and weird enough, I succeeded.

I went to the book shop, intending to buy a notebook but I didn't find any nice ones so instead I bought an Avatar ballpoint pen with a picture of Jake Sully and Neytiri. Nyaw, Neytiri is so pretty.

We visited a few shops, I saw this amazing red dress in a Middle Age- themed shop and decided that next time I go there, I will buy it as I didn't have enough money this time.

In Merekeskus, I bought two nightshirts, they were so lovely! I don't think any Finnish shop sells such beauties.

Once in the ship, we had coffee, or more like mom had coffee and I had orange juice and three pieces of cake. Mom watched in amazement as I downed them all.

Once back in Helsinki, the time was about nine in the evening. I felt very energetic after the nice day, and strangely sleepy at the same time.

Mom took the bus 453 home, I waited 20 minutes for the bus 452.
Once home, I noticed I had received a card from Suvi, she had sent it from Scotland.
I put my stuff to their right places, put on the new nightshirt and went to sleep.