June 22nd, 2011


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I didn't even realize I haven't updated until now! I seem to have kind of lost the track of updating.


I woke up feeling a bit cruddy, but I was also cheerful that Jamie would come for a visit today.

Later the day Jamie came over and brought Cadbury's Bliss chocolate; I ate it in one go.

We just sat chitchatting, then we went biking.
Jamie had rode his bicycle all the way from Suvi's house to my place (well, I have done that too), it was quite impressive.

We rode our bicycles past my childhood home, I showed him some places I like the most and then we rode past the mines in Louhela (the word "louhela" comes from "louhos" which is Finnish and is another word for "mine", the other word is "kaivos" after which Kaivoksela was named), sat on a cliff and Jamie offered me some of his spearmint TicTacs.
I like TicTacs, especially orange flavoured ones (I'm such an indiefuck), and the spearmint ones tasted like toothpaste which is not a bad thing at all.

We walked through the forest, I showed him the ice skating rink where me and Suvi used to go when we had ice skating in our grade school PE class.
I like the aforementioned forest especially on sunny days, I love the smell of the flowers and plants and most of all, the way the sunlight seeps through the foliage.

We walk- pushed our bicycles past a duck pond, while Jamie was cursing for stepping in dog shit I was cooing over the ducklings, which were a bit grown but still cute and made the sweetest peeping sounds!

We visited the library, I lent a few comic books.
Once home, I cooked him my special pasta, after lunch we had tea and then we watched The Lovely Bones (haha, I like to show it to all of my friends). Then Jamie went home, I asked him to say hello to Suvi.


I slept as late as possible so I wouldn't have to wait until my payday.
I had a lot of bizarre dreams and lots of sexual dreams, once again I woke up with my pussy wet.
In another dream, it was raining snow in June. It was the nastiest dream.

I managed to sleep late, and after taking a shower and brushing my teeth and having a breakfast, I checked out my bank account and there it was.

I have decided to start saving my money, so I transferred one euro and 25 cents to my savings so I had an even sum of 100 euros on my account.

I went grocery shopping, withdrew 100 euros and then went to Citymarket. I bought toilet paper and two packets of paper handkerchiefs and the typical fruits and vegetables and bread I usually buy, and some ingredients for making the bean stew I had planned to make for god knows how long time.

After hauling the bags up the Kitler hill to my apartment, I put the groceries to their rightful places and then I was off again; I visited the bank to put some money to my savings and the social office to leave a few bills.

Once home, I cooked some bean stew; I forgot to put the spices, hacking the onions gave me a hard time and I added too little of the herb- flavoured tomato sauce, but it was delicious and it didn't give me a stomach ache as my foods usually do.

After lunch, I went for a little business; I visited IKEA to buy a special onion hacker and a bathroom rug, then I went to Helsinki to buy a binder for my recipes.

Once home, I was thinking of printing the recipe from the online cookery site but I decided to hand- write it on a piece of paper, to save ink.
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OK, I began writing this entry with the feeling: "I would like to update, but I don't have anything special to write about... if you don't count my visit to IKEA" and there I was, typing until my fingers were worn down to stumps.
I have been thinking of furnishing my apartment a bit, to make it look more like the kind of place I feel home. And my apartment feels like home when it has things and stuff in it; you see, I like things and stuff! And what would be better place to buy stuff than IKEA?

Yesterday I visited the IKEA in Espoo and bought a bathroom mat (square, orange with small pink squares; I would have given my soul to have the mat made from colorful rags that was shown in Enid's bathroom in Ghost World, or the one with pink flamingos I once saw from Kitsch, but I don't know where to get the first one and the last one is not available anymore) and an onion hacker, today I bought two cutting boards, a small knife, a glass serving bowl, three amazing tumblers and a long, narrow woven carpet with colorful stripes.
And also, I don't know why but usually when I go to IKEA, I get the feeling "Wait a sec, how did I end up in here so quickly?"

I'd like to furnish my bathroom too, with a new shower curtain and maybe stickers for the tiles? I hate the tiles in my shower stall, and the fact that the kitchen department has the same tiles!
Too bad that this is a rented apartment, the next inhabitant wouldn't necessarily like my choices for wall stickers. But if tear them off when I move...?
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