June 23rd, 2011



It's just that sometimes I wish there would be no hate crimes.

I wish all people, whether black or white, rich or poor, skinny or fat, female or male, gay or straight, believer or atheist would be able to live their lives in peace without being threatened because they don't fit someone's view of what makes one a human.

I mean, who are the criminals to tell us who is human and who's not? We are all humans.
If God doesn't like gays or Muslims, why does He allow them to be born?

I used to be a racist, mainly because most of the people who had bullied me in grade school were Somalis and Roma people.
It took me 22 years to understand that there's no way of accusing someone of being imperfect because of their appearance; it's their personality that matters! I am not perfect, so who am I to accuse someone of not being perfect? Humans are prone to do mistakes, but not all mistakes are so grave that you deserve to die.
God forgives us, why can't we forgive each other and ourselves?

Pass it on.