June 24th, 2011


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As I have mentioned before, I hate all these holidays when the shops, libraries, art museums and movie theaters are closed and people mainly just get drunk. I only like the kind of holidays when I get to spend time with my loved ones, send cards and eat chocolate and other goodies.

Yesterday morning I woke up feeling very cruddy, I had to force myself to take a shower and brush my teeth. After that, I just sat on the edge of my bed, thinking if I should make myself presentable and dress up.
I was thinking of my life; I am in my prime years, twenty- two years old, fresh as a rose, healthy (as if) and still as lonely and cynical as an old crone. I really don't see where my life is going.

Anyway, I dabbed lotion onto my face and body, put on deodorant and brushed my hair, then dressed up.
I didn't bother with breakfast, even though I would regret it later. Instead, I took a nap as I was feeling a bit sleepy.

I like taking naps; I always feel content and restful, despite knowing that I am wasting my time and if I just sleep all days, I will lose all the nice things the days have to offer.

Later the day I got up, turned the air conditioner off and went to take a pee.

It was raining outside, and goddamn it was raining a lot. I had been thinking of going out to buy chocolate and something else, then visiting the Museum of National Science. I changed my miniskirt into a pair of pants, then I left.

I went to Citymarket and bought six bars of chocolate, they would serve me until Midsummer was over; I also bought a small creme bruleé- filled chocolate bar.

I visited Tiimari and bought a nice margarita glass that will look great on my shelf.

I was thinking of taking the bus 452 to Helsinki, but it would take about twenty minutes to arrive so instead I took the bus 510 to Leppävaara, and the A train to Helsinki.

Once in Helsinki, I didn't bother with going to the museum; instead, I went to a few shops, bought two notebooks, and visited the Marimekko shop on Esplanadi and thought of buying a new cosmetics bag.

I took the bus 452 home, and for the rest of the evening I was just bored and didn't bother with having a wash.

Things are going to get better, I know it, but sometimes I just find it hard to trudge through the general shit of life.
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