June 25th, 2011


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Tumblr is better than sex.
Speaking of sex, FlashGaymes.com is a site for homoerotic flash games. Kiss your modesty goodbye and go check it out!

I think I should wash the dishes more often, I hate it how the dirty plates and utensils just pile on the counter until they start attracting banana flies. I guess I should take up the habit of washing the dishes every single day, no matter how little there is to wash.

I got my DVD player to play Region 2 DVDs, yesterday I watched Carrie, that is the 2002 direct- to- video remake. My favorite scene was when Carrie wrecked Chamberlain, and I loved Jodelle Ferland in the role of Carrie as a child. I think she is one of my favorite actors, if you have seen Silent Hill and Tideland you know what I am talking about.

The new Bayformers live action movie, Dark of the Moon is soon to be released in Finland, I am going to go see it and maybe buy it on DVD later. And also wish that it's going to be the last Bayformer film EVER; he has defiled the sweet, sweet memory of G1 enough!
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