July 1st, 2011


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I like it how the best ideas come to my mind after I have gone to sleep; yesterday evening I realized that if I want to eat a healthy breakfast, I could mix some coconut oil with my oatmeal. I can easily buy coconut oil from a health food shop like Ruohonjuuri.
Besides, I like the taste of coconut, and the oil derived from it will do me good.

This morning I woke up early, so I had plenty of time to do all the morning routines, I also had orange Jell-o for breakfast; I had made it yesterday evening, with intention to consume it this morning. It tasted much like orange soda, I still like lime and grape the best; I also have a packet of lime Jell-o, it's for me and Suvi when she comes over on Saturday.

Later the day I started thinking what I should do for today; it's just that in summer I feel as if time flies and I should do something before it's over; I enjoy autumn as well, but I would like to enjoy summer too.
I like summer, it's the time of hope; the sunshine and warmth does good for my brain chemistry; it's easier to move outside when I don't have to dress into cold- weather clothing, trudge knee- deep in snow or slip on ice; all the nice places like amusement parks, zoos and such are open.

I decided to go to Helsinki, so I took a bus there and got off at the end of Mannerheimintie; I wanted to walk in this small park I have never visited.

It wasn't that special, the flowers smelled lovely but the heat was making me dizzy. And besides most of the places in the park were secured with a tape because they were making better asphalt or something like that.

I walked for a while and then took the bus 231K downtown; mainly I just visited a few shops and walked around, and visited some places I have never been to before.

I visited Flame Tattoo, a piercing & tattoo parlor and asked a few questions about getting a piercing; I want to have the right side of my nose pierced before autumn, and I realized that the piercing itself with a stud jewelry is going to cost 50 euros, and after it has healed I must buy a ring for it; it costs nothing to put a ring bought from the aforementioned parlor, but I didn't like the rings so I decided that I'm going to buy a prettier ring (the kind with a ball lock) from Cybershop and have it put in its place in Flame Tattoo. It's going to cost 30 euros so altogether it's going to cost 80 euros, but it's worth it.

I really like mood rings, I'm wearing four of them right now.

I was thinking of taking a bus to Myyrmäki, but the last bus had just left so I took a train, got off at Malminkartano and walked home.

Geez, it felt so good to take my boots off and let my socks stink. Can't beat the feeling.

I think today has been a good day.
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I know I have posted this many times when I need ego- boost, this time I'm posting this for fun. So, yay.

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