July 5th, 2011


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I had nightmares of my junior high; I wandered around dressed in sack cloth, and my bullies were malformed like Silent Hill monsters; they had no facial features except huge toothy grins on their faces.

I woke up at eight in the morning, wrapped in wrinkly sheets, and decided to sleep a bit more until my "payday".
This time I had happier dreams; I was in a place with lots of sunny meadows, a train station, BodyShop- like natural cosmetics shop, a merry- go- round and lots of balloons. I had a good friend with whom I hung out with.

I got up at ten to eleven, straightened the bedsheets and drank lots of water. I enjoy drinking water, but I hate it when I drink it too much and I have a foul taste in my mouth, or my mouth starts producing frothy spit.

I took a shower and brushed my teeth, dressed up and had a breakfast. I logged onto my online bank account, paid the bill for the Tideland soundtrack and then I was off.

I went to the rehab center to pick up my Ketipinor prescription, then I went to the bank to withdraw some money, then I went grocery shopping.

I bought tomatoes, tangerines, cucumber, lettuce, chocolate, toast, rye bread, sandwich spread, milk, eggs, hair dye, bath sponge, toothbrush, mac'n'cheese ingredients, some ingredients for bean stew and a Starbucks caramel latte drink. Normally I detest coffee, but I like the kind of coffee drinks that have only coffee aroma, and even more chocolate milk.

I had a hard time hauling the shopping bags up the Kitler hill, once home I put everything into their rightful places, drank the caramel latte (yummy!) and started cooking the bean stew.

I rinsed the beans, hacked the onion and fried it in oil, added the beans, herb- flavored tomato mash and one teaspoon of sugar, black pepper and salt. I boiled it for a while and then poured the stuff into an oven tray, sprinkled some grated cheese on top and shoved it into the oven.

It tasted very scrumptious, I put the leftovers into a plastic container and determined to eat it this week.

I started dying my hair; I didn't buy blonde dye as my budget was limited, so I dyed it immediately red and it was a very satisfying result.

When I was listening to the German production of the Starlight Express soundtrack, mom called me and told that she and dad are coming over to fix my bureau drawer and see what can be done about the broken nozzle of the vacuum cleaner.

After a while, they rang my doorbell and I let them in. Me and mom chatted breezily while dad was fixing the drawer, after that he checked out the vacuum cleaner and told me that we have to buy a new one. I don't mind.

After they left, I mopped the part of the floor where dad had spilled some glue while fixing the drawer, then I went out to buy some more of the Ketipinor medicine; I went to the pharmacist and got the pills, after that I went to the library to fetch my request, the book Loser by Jerry Spinelli. Then I just hung out in BodyShop.

Once home, I dealt the medicines into my Dosett and cooked some mac'n'cheese for dinner, it was scrumptious! I washed the dishes, hoovered the floor and changed into pajamas, and soon I'm off to have a wash and then go to sleep.

I guess today was also the kind of most loveliest ordinary day.
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