July 9th, 2011


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The peculiar account has vastly improved my economical affairs, at least now I don't waste my money on the payment day and then be flat broke for the rest of the month. But I still hate it how I run out of money after buying all the weekly groceries on Tuesday, and then have to wait all the way to the next Tuesday.

I tried to see if I could get myself some cheap chocolate, so I visited a couple of wholesale trades but I learned that I should get a membership card of some sort if I want to buy something from there.
I have decided that from now on, when I receive the weekly grocery money I will buy myself a week's worth of chocolate bars first. If I run out of money, that's my tough luck.

I hate the heat wave, it makes me feel nauseous and like I'm drowning in my sweat. And it also causes me Creepy Moments.

On Friday, after doing all the morning routines I felt a bit sleepy so I took a nap, and ended up sleeping all the way to the evening. I got up only to change into pajamas, took my pills and went to sleep. I was feeling very restless and I was sweating terribly.

I hate it how I am happy only in my dreams. In there I have lots of friends, have fun and I am TRULY happy. In real life, I know I can never experience true happiness as my illness has taken its toll on my mind.
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