July 15th, 2011


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♥ I really like the Berenstain Bears books; I first got introduced to them when I found some parodies of them on SomethingAwful.com, and now I have started to like them. They have such well- written English and good morals; if I had kids I would so totally make them read those books.

♥ Amazon.com is now my favorite online shop; I have added tons of books, CDs and jewelry on my wish list, the next thing I am going to buy is the Tracey Fragments soundtrack.

♥ No matter how much I do housework and take care of my health and hygiene and nutrition and live a virtuous life with integrity, if I skip washing the dishes I feel like I deserve to die and burn in hell.

♥ You see, I have both Region 1 and Region 2 DVDs, and I tried to switch the... region... playing... system on my laptop every time I watched another movie, and then I was told that if I change the region once again, it will be stuck to the region and not change even if I reinstall the system. Why? Why? Why?

♥ I wish I could eat nothing but chocolate for the rest of my life and still be healthy.

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Sometimes I think I want to die. Then I start thinking, No, I wish everyone else died.

Sometimes I can't help thinking if I hate other people more than I hate myself.

It's just that I have come to realization why I have so little friends in real life. Of course I have friends online, but they don't know the real me.
If I was tagged for one of those "10 weird habits" memes, I would love to see how many users would kick me off their friends list. I mean, if you remember when I made a joke about the earthquakes in Japan, my friend naggingfishwife who had, until then, been my friend for seven years and also introduced me to the Transformers fandom, deleted me from her flist because she was offended.

I mean, why should anyone give a fuck about me? I am nothing but a hipster dyke trying to act like I am something. I try to be unique, cutting edge, different and blah blah blah, but end up being a fuck up.

Why should anyone love me? Love has done nothing for me, not anything in my behalf, except given me a life. All the people I have ever loved or trusted have either turned against me or turned away from me, betrayed me and stabbed my back, ruined my reputation.
My best friend once told me that my boyfriend told her; "Why should I date someone like Miia, whose face is like a cow's ass?"
My worst bullies have always told the teachers that they only want to be my friends, and I am the one bullying them because I reject their friendship.

Why should anyone give a fuck about me? I have done nothing to offend anyone, I have done nothing to help anyone. I am just a useless fucker. But luckily I won't live long, due to my unhealthy habits. I guess the world will be a better place once I am burning in hell.