July 16th, 2011


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Despite all my feminism, I wish I had been born as a man.

Men got it so easy; if they feel horny, they rape the nearest woman, everyone blames it on the woman ("You were asking for it, you shouldn't have worn a short skirt") and thinks you are a hero.
If a woman makes your life hell, you just beat her up and everyone makes jokes about her and you are still a hero.
All of the best artists, scientists and leaders are men.

I mean, what's the use? Trying to make this world a better place for women is like chasing the winds.

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Me and Suvi went to see Harry Potter and the Deadly Hallows II. I was supposed to have another of these major clean- up weekends, but I only washed laundry all day.
We met in Subway, I had a tuna sub with a macadamia nut cookie, they were both yummy as hell.
Suvi was dressed as the sexy lunatic Bellatrix Lestrange, I had intended to dress as Tonks but I didn't have enough time to construct a proper outfit.

The movie was awesome, I noticed that 3D isn't too bad but it was a bit blurry and my goggles kept on slipping down my nose; I took them off for a moment, and noticed that I didn't have a problem with watching a 3D movie without them goggles.
My favorite scene was Goyle falling to the Fiendfyre, it was intense and kind of reminded me of Gollum falling to the lava. I also liked Snape's dying scene and his memories, him and Lily were such cuties! And the "19 years later" scene was lovely too.

After the movie we had slushies and visited Kamppi, I showed her the Cruel Age shops and then we went our own ways; I visited a grocery shop to buy three drinks, carrot juice, lemonade and a Starbucks caramel latte.

Once home, I took a very exquisite poop and didn't bother with housework.
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