July 24th, 2011


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This morning, after getting up I went back to bed after a while. You know how it goes; I get up in the morning, amidst surfing on the Internet I go back to bed because I suddenly feel a tad bit sleepy, then I end up sleeping for hours!

It surely was nice to rest with my forehead against the wall, dreaming my dreamy little dreams, but I had to get up and hang the laundry that had been in the washing machine overnight, luckily they didn't get moldy.
The time was 25 past one in the afternoon when I had gotten up.

I had already lost my faith to this day, but decided to dress up in simple clothes; my laundry basket was already overflowing; and go meet my parents.

I called home, dad answered and I told him I was coming over in a short while.

I forgot to take my diary along, I had wanted to write about the feelings caused by the cruddy morning. But I would have time.

I felt terribly mucky, my scalp was sweaty and my clothes smelled bad.

Once home, I asked mom if I can take a shower. She gave me a clean towel and told me that I can use her dressing gown if I wanted.

I only washed my hair. On Sundays, when I take a shower in the morning I use conditioner for my hair and peeling cream for my face, hands and body. It kind of gives me a feeling of luxury.

Mom had bought some a chocolate bar with bits of fudge, I ate the most of it.

Later the day I left. I was thinking of walking home; I visited a mini- mall named Martinkeskus where my parents do most of their grocery shopping. I can't help thinking what's going to happen after the Martinlaakso shopping center is built up, I have heard that most of the shops from Martinkeskus are going to move there. Meanwhile I am glad that small cities are modernized.

I decided to take a bus. I had to wait for the next bus for a while, and when I was riding the bus 53 I decided to go all the way to Espoo to visit IKEA; I didn't feel like going home yet. Then I didn't feel like going to IKEA, so I rode the bus to Espoo and decided to go to Helsinki.

I realized that there aren't any buses the go from Espoo to Helsinki; only trains go there.

I took the S train to Huopalahti, then the M train to Myyrmäki. I went to Citymarket and bought a box of chocolate vanilla kisses.
Once home, I washed a load of laundry and washed the dishes.
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