July 30th, 2011


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Now that LiveJournal is back, I hope no one minds if I update.

This week I;

- Bought a Tyrolean skirt and denim dungarees
- Visited the new art exhibition in Ateneum, it was named The Magic of Lapland: Lapland in Art from the 1800s to Today.
- Thought of going on a diet again

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Yesterday went completely down the toilet; in the morning I decided to go take a nap on the sofa, because I was still feeling sleepy and I thought of just sleeping all the sleepiness away, but as you know, I ended up sleeping all day.

It was five in the evening when I took my pills and put on a clean nightshirt, and went back to bed. For some reason my fingernails felt very strong.

I had lots of dreams; some were scary, some were happy.
And I realized one thing; it's almost autumn, the schools are about to start, and I have had very little fun. I decided that from now on, I am going for a bike ride every day, and I'm going to have some sort of fun every week on Tuesdays, that is my payday. Next week I am going to Suomenlinna, or that new McDonald's restaurant in Tuupakka and have a real feast.

This morning I decided I could do my morning routines a bit differently; after getting up in the morning, I should have a wash and eat my breakfast first and then turn on my laptop, so I won't end up lazing on the Internet all morning and then going back to bed.

I have decided not to try to save my money; the thing is, I don't have enough money to save. I'll start saving when I have a regular salary.

This morning, after I had done all the morning routines I went for a bike ride, it was really nice and relaxing.

Once home, I started doing the housework; took the carpets to the balcony to air them, hoovered and mopped the floor and made lunch.

Then I started thinking of going Helsinki; first I took my friend's birthday cards to the mail box, then I went to the bus stop.
I decided to take the bus 50 to Tikkurila, then the train to Helsinki. I just visited Ateneum Shop, Kiasma Shop, went to Villa Hakasalmi and then took a bus back home.

Once home, I had a killer headache due to low blood sugar, so I cooked some dinner.

If I only got through that last class in night school, get a place to study and then get a job and then find my soulmate, everything would be perfect.
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