July 31st, 2011


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I hate being so lonely. At times I wish I still lived with my parents, so I could have someone who loves me and stays with me.

This morning went pretty nicely; it's been only two days since I adapted the new morning routine, but my life has been very smooth.

This morning I decided to thaw my freezer; it is supposed to be thawed, that is, let the ice melt and then let it freeze again. I should have done that a while ago, because my freezer is really frozen over; this morning I found out that the lime Jello I had made was 1/8 part frozen, and everytime I take a carrot out of the fridge it is frozen!

I'm not sure if I did everything right; I turned the power off, knowing that the fridge will stay cold for a long time after the power has been turned off.
It was kind of messy; the ice that melt into water flowed onto my floor and I did my best in mopping it away.

I took out the garbage and washed laundry. After that, I decided it was time to go meet my parents.

I rode my bicycle to Martinlaakso. Both mom and dad were home, dad was cleaning the bathroom and mom had such finished baking a berry pie.

I think mom didn't like my Marimekko dress. Maybe it was too 80's for her.

I had a slice of the berry pie, and me and mom started making gazpacho; we mixed tomato, cucumber and lettuce in a mixer, added some tabasco, lemon juice, salt and pepper. It looked like dog puke, but it tasted alright.

Later the day I decided to go back home, before that I would take a long bike ride in the sunny landscapes. It was really fun! I have decided to go for a bike ride every day.

Once home, I continued doing housework; I cleaned up the bathroom and washed the dishes.

Why are Eskimo Pies called "pies"? As far as I know, they're popsicles.

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