August 1st, 2011


If you can read this, I love you

Now that there are some new peoples on my list of Awesome Peeps, I hope you don't mind this...

I can't afford sending gifts to my overseas friends, but I love sending cards; Valentine's, birthdays, Christmas or just random niceness cards.

If you want to have cards from me, send me your snail mail address at, and after receiving your address I will send you a nice card, and look forward to your birthday, Christmas and Valentine's day :3
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Before I woke up, I had a dream of school; I have these reoccurring dreams where I am in high school and night school at the same time, I decide to skip classes because I feel they have no effect on my future studies, and I feel guilty because I know for sure what my parents are going to say about that.

In another dream, I had committed suicide at the age of 14 (actually that was when I first considered suicide) when I still had long blonde hair. My parents mourned me, and my spirit started haunting them and creating havoc in their home. They decided to contact a medium and hold a spiritual gathering to summon my soul; I told them I was in Heaven and I was happy.

I kept on waking up and falling asleep between the dreams, and after having a dream in which my spirit turned into a poltergeist and made my mom and the clotheshorse spin around the ceiling lamp, I decided to get up. I also had happier dreams about marzipan carrots and Little My chocolate eggs.

I took a shower, brushed my teeth and ran out of toothpaste, and then had a breakfast; oatmeal with lingonberry jam and vanilla soygurt.

I started being like a 50's housewife; after doing all the necessary routines, I put on my lace gloves and went out for errands; I took my electricity bill to the social office, then visited the rehab center to have a prescription form renewed. Then I went to the library to read some comics.

After that, I was feeling a bit lost; I didn't want to go back home yet.

I decided to take the bus 530 to Espoo and visit IKEA. I need to buy some new kitchen equipment like proper kitchen knives (after writing this, I absolutely had to check out the information on Silent Hill Wiki about the weapon Kitchen Knife), pots and pans and such. I'm glad there's an IKEA nearby so I can buy affordable quality equipment from there! Too bad they don't sell small electric appliances such as coffee makers, mixers or such, I need to buy them.

I had 90 cents left in my wallet, so I bought two chocolate bars from IKEA Food department. They didn't taste better than Fazer chocolate, but it's better than nothing.

I took the bus 27 to Leppävaara, then the bus, um, I can't remember the number but it took me to Kamppi.

After hanging around in Kamppi shopping center and Ruohonjuuri, I took the bus 452K.
I decided to get off the bus in Kaivoksela and walk around for a while.

I walked back home, I was really happy and content.

Once home, I burned incense, cleaned up my stove, made some baked beans on toast for dinner and listened to music.

I called Suvi, we talked about having a road trip next summer and what are we going to dress up as for next Halloween costume party in DTM.

It's so nice to have friends.
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