August 3rd, 2011


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I have decided to do something nice each week, on my payday; next week I am going to see a movie, the following week I will go to Manga Cafe in Helsinki. I have also decided to go for a bike ride of walk every day.
Let's see if that makes me happier.

Yesterday evening I forgot to take my pills, so I stayed awake for a long time. I chatted with Jamie on FaceBook, and later I went to bed.

I don't remember if I had dreams. This morning it took me a while before I finally went to shower, I used conditioner on my hair and peeling cream on my face and hands.

After I had dressed up, I washed a load of laundry. Then I started to feel sleepy, so I went to bed to take a nap.

I ended up sleeping all the way to afternoon, except when a social worker called me and told me that if I want my home insurance bill to be paid I must apply for income support. Guh.

I slept a bit more, until I finally got up, hung the laundry, had a little snack and decided to get on moving.

I decided to go to Lidl in Kaivoksela, I wanted to see if they sold Fazer chocolate bars for a cheaper prize.

I thought how I should go there; I was too sleepy to ride my bicycle, too lazy to walk, and I wouldn't bother taking a bus as it was such a short distance.

I ended up taking the bus 452K there. They didn't have those big Fazer chocolate bars for sale, only small ones.

I decided to walk home, first I went to S- Market and bought an orange lemonade popsicle.

Once back in Myyrmäki, I visited the library, retrieved some of my requests and checked out a comic book.

Once home, I slept a little more, took a shower and now I just sit around, pity myself and try to make myself as happy and content as I can.

I hate being so lonely. I hate being so broke.
I wish someone could just switch me off and fix me.
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