5th August 2011


You can keep your Marxist ways

These days I have been very philosophical about money, or more like the lack of it.

It's always the same; I am only rich on the payday, then I have to buy tons of food, hygiene products and such to support me until the next payday, and that's how I run out of money.
Every once a month I receive the extra welfare, about 100 euros, but as you know me I always manage to spend it in a moment.

I try to make myself happy by making up ways how to enjoy my life without spending money; going for bike rides? Yes, I have always enjoyed bike rides. It costs nothing.
Taking bus rides? Well, now that I have a traveling card that I reload once a month, I don't have to pay for individual trips.
Writing? Yes, I like to write my diary about how broke I am. Except when it comes to writing novels and such, I am suffering from a major writer's block... oh, who am I cheating? I am just lazy.
Doing housework? A natural high.
Listening to music? I have been thinking of getting an iPod.

It's mostly the stuff I am after. Pretty clothes, candy, books, movies, music and such. I have been thinking that the people who say that money can't buy happiness or health, well, let's look at these examples: Money can be used to fulfill your dreams about building a house or going for a trip, to pay your hospital bill if you suffer from a severe illness and also to buy food, water, clothes and other basic needs of life.

I look forward to studying as a librarian, I am going to study as hard as I can and then work as hard as I can to earn my monies.
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