August 6th, 2011


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Usually after I have had a vivid dream before waking up in the morning, I feel weird when I open my eyes, gain a little clarity and then notice that I am in my own apartment.
Then I wrap the duvets around my head and turn my face to the wall, and try not to "wake up" yet. But after I have dreamed all the dreams, it's time to get up.

I hate the idea of waking up to an alarm clock ringing, I would rather sleep as late as I feel like and have all the dreams I can afford. But I know that if I want to study and work, I have to wake up early.

I sat by my kitchen table and wrote to my diary, and wondered why I have such weird- shaped breasts. They're cone shaped, and they have taken a tendency to droop. I guess they will perk up after I have taken up the habit to go to the gym, which I will have to do because of my posture.

I made myself as presentable as possible, because today I would go for an overnight visit to my parents' place. I would also attend the SlutWalk.

I washed one load of laundry, I think that's all the housework that I'll do this weekend.

I decided to dress into the pink princess dress and wear a wreath of white plastic flowers on my head.

The home group was not held today, when Rami and Eppu came for a visit they explained that now that most of the ex- Francanians have moved away from Kitlerinrinne, there is no use holding that.

When they visited me, we chatted breezily about my current life and future plans, I was feeling cheerful and content after they left.

I decided to change into more sluttier clothes, I chose the pink jailbait skirt, black skin- tight blouse and black capri leggings.

Later the day I met Suvi in the Myyrmäki train station, she was wearing a regular sexy Gothic beauty outfit; black corset, black PVC miniskirt, black lace blouse, black fishnet stockings and black- red high- heeled boots.

Once in Helsinki, it was raining! We went to a kiosk, Suvi wanted to buy a bottle of strawberry lemonade.
I noticed that chocolate eggs were in discount, only 20 cents apiece! I bought a bag of chocolate eggs.

The marchers gathered in front of Kiasma; there were lots of young and old men and women, some had took their kids and dogs along.
I felt a strong feeling of unity; all kinds of people from different backgrounds gathered to make some noise for a good thing!

There were girls in slutty clothes, girls in normal clothes, girls who had nothing to cover their tops except nipple piercings, girls and boys dressed as zombies and men wearing Speedos.

We snapped a few photos, me and Suvi, I will upload them once I'm back at my own apartment.

It rained in small showers, but it didn't ruin our enthusiasm.
After the march was on and we had walked a long way along the road, I looked back and noticed that there were tons of marchers! Later I read that there were about 5000 sluts taking part.

I took part in yelling the catchphrases. I felt so brave and like I had just found my voice.

Once in Kaisaniemi park, Suvi was hungry and I had to pee and poo so we went to Wrong Noodle Bar; other sluts went there too.

Suvi had two lunch coupons, I had a big portion satay noodles and Suvi had a small portion of noodles with tofu chicken and goat cheese.

We took a bus to Myyrmäki, once in my home yard Suvi asked me to take a photo of her next to a motorbike. She looked drop dead gorgeous in her Elvira outfit next to the bike.

We went to my place, I had to take a very exquisite dump and then change my clothes, I packed the rest of my stuff and then Suvi gave me a lift to Martinlaakso; she had to visit S- Market to buy some batteries.

Both mom and dad were home, Sami had returned to Vantaa as well but at this moment he's at the Assembly fair.

I ate some foreign blueberries and dark chocolate, soon I'll have a portion of mom's blueberry pie. I don't think I will do anything special this weekend at my parents' place, I'll just let it be.
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I am working to complete the "Give me a color and I'll post photos if it" meme... Stay patient, my dear scroundels.

I'm going to buy myself an iPod. As you might know, I used to be against mp3s because I wanted to stay faithful to CDs, but now I have realized that iPods are a great way to appreciate music; usually I listen to music in home, I just blare some CD that I feel like listening but usually I have a hard time choosing an album; I have so many of them so I don't know what to choose! The same applies to clothes; I have tons of pretty clothes and still have nothing to wear!
I want to listen to music whenever I want, wherever I am. I still remember how I used to listen to The Ballad of Billy Mc'Caw from the original Cats soundtrack after I had gone to sleep, it was magical.

Come to think of it, I have grown a bit conservative when it comes to my daily routine. I have these weird obsessive habits; I never change my outfit during the day except if it becomes wet or dirty, I never go out after six in the evening, and such. Before, I used to live a happy life when I was a bit spontaneous; I could go to movies late in the evening, go for a walk early in the morning and such. Becoming so obsessed with the daily routines doesn't make my life any better, and I have been thinking of weaning myself off them.

I have also decided to be more social; the only problem is that most of my friends are mentally ill just like me, and they have befriended Emmi the Bitchface. If I go to Pia's girls night out, Toni's movie night or Mayday march, I know she will be there. Dilemma.
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