August 7th, 2011


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Usually when I wake up in my own apartment, between the dream and reality I very often mistake the alcove for my old room in my parents' house; both have the same structure, the bed in the left corner, the writing desk is next to it and the cupboards facing me.

It's always so annoying to wake up early when having a sleepover, I always want to get up and do whatever I want but I don't want to disturb the others.

I tiptoed to the bathroom and then to the kitchen and had a glass of orange juice.

Later when mom got up, I turned on my laptop. Later when dad got up, I took my pills, had a shower and dressed up.

I didn't want to have any breakfast; the oatmeal I made turned out to be too watery. I had a grumbling stomach until lunch.

Later the day mom and dad went out, I was thinking of staying until afternoon but I knew that I would have lot of housework to do so I packed my bags, turned the lights off and closed the windows and took the bus 55 to Myyrmäki.

Once home, I put my stuff to their right places, sorted out the mail and started doing housework.

I hoovered and mopped the floor, took the carpets to the balcony, aired the apartment, changed the bedsheets and wiped the desks and tables clean.

I think I want to renovate my apartment a bit; I would like to paint the walls, but I don't think I am permitted to do that as this is only a rented flat; it's not owned by a private company, neither a council flat nor a student apartment, it is owned by a charity that specifies on renting apartments to young people. I might ask the people in the charity.

Mom and dad are going to renovate their home too, they are going to throw some old furniture away, paint and paper the walls.
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My wishlist consists of random things, but if I had to jot down the majorities, they would be

- CDs I own as a burned copy, and want to get an authentic one
- Different productions of Starlight Express soundtracks
- Underground comic albums such as Johnny the Homicidal Maniac, Ghost World, Squee! and Bitchy Butch
- Mood rings
- Tushita notebooks. For some motherfucking reason my customer account was closed, so I have to order them from

I have taken up the habit of writing lists of things I have to buy each year; that is, when I scrounge up enough cash.

- Living room table, the last one is too small for my trinkets and stuff
- New mattress for my bed, the last one is too grubby and torn
- Patchwork counterpane from DAY, it's made of bits and pieces of silk and velvet
- Ring piercing to the right side of my nose
- Vegan biker boots and custom- made soles for them
- Coffee maker (I don't drink coffee but I have to keep it for visitors)
- Mixer
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