August 12th, 2011


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I wish I could already start studying or get a job. Seriously, I am bored with just hanging around and wandering without a point all day. I wish I had something important to do, so I wouldn't have to wallow in my own thoughts inside my apartment all day.
I want to pay my taxes, earn a living and retirement money and do my part in keeping up this society.

Of course, I love sleeping late, but I am willing to sacrifice that if I have to get up early to go to work or school.

This morning I slept very late; all the way to one o'clock in the afternoon! I also had weird dreams.

I got up and did the morning routines as usual. I was thinking of doing something useful; I decided that every day I would do as much housework as possible, and go out for errands if needed.

After getting my printer to work, I went out, visited the social office and the library, then I went to IKEA where I bought two chocolate bars. I looked around for a while; I need to buy some kitchen equipment, living room table, new mattress and things like that. Luckily IKEA products are not only cheap, they are also very good quality.

I took a bus to Leppävaara, visited Hennes&Mauritz while thinking what kind of clothes I should buy this autumn.

I have decided to buy some more clothes, new boots and also have my nose pierced. I'm going to go to school in style!

I took a bus to Helsinki, visited Kamppi shopping center to look for some new clothes. Then I took a train to Malminkartano and walked home.
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