August 15th, 2011


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I have a terrible rash on my bosom, fingers and in the crooks of my arms. It happens every summer, but I think it's also because of my coconut skin lotion; I might be allergic to the aforementioned fruit, when I used BodyShop coconut skin peeling cream it made my skin burn.
I was thinking of not trying to nurture the rash because I thought it would get better if I just left it in peace; but yesterday evening after having a wash I spread cortisone lotion on the rash and what do you know, this morning it was a lot better, almost completely healed!

I had dreams of being bullied in school; it's so weird how the memories always come to pester me, and the wounds in my heart are still fresh.

I took a shower, and used peeling cream and hair conditioner. I have decided to do a real beautifying routine every Monday morning, gives me a nice start to the week.

After having a breakfast and ironing my laundry, I checked out my online bank account; 60 euros in my savings on my mother's behalf, five euros in my deposit as a customer benefit for owning a discount card. I transferred the money from savings to deposit; took me a while because my Internet connection was glitching.

I set off, I had to wear my "My Little Pony Goes Rock" hoodie because it was cold and rainy outside; I didn't mind as I like gloomy days.
I visited the bank to withdraw the money and had to wait for almost 50 minutes as usual on Monday mornings; there were about twenty customers and only one clerk. Mostly old couples who don't know how to use online bank services or use a cash card, and a single mother who wanted to know if she had received her welfare.

Once I got my money, I went to the nearest kiosk to reload my traveling card. Then I went to Anttila to buy a tube of Freeman's Feeling Beautiful Replenishing Shea Butter & Lemongrass body lotion and Gliss Satin Relax shampoo.

I took the bus 53 to Jumbo shopping mall and visited Stockmann to buy a packet of ten pocket- sized packages of Kleenex Balsam paper handkerchiefs. I use pocket- sized handkerchief packages when going out.

I took the bus 615T to Helsinki, on the way downtown I witnessed something peculiar; and old drunkie kept chatting in half English, half Finnish with two teenage girls, he asked them to sing hymns and tell him what the word Finnish "intohimo" (passion) is for English.
I was disgusted, I wanted to punch the man in the face and give him a lesson in trying to hit on underage girls, and then hit the girls' heads together and give them a lesson in getting all giggly when a failure of a man is pounding you up the ass with his eyes.

Once in Helsinki, I went to Forum and visited a nice little gift shop to buy a birthday card for Karla toxicjellybean, then I wanted to buy something yummy so I went downstairs to S- Market; I wanted to buy a popcorn & toffee flavored ice cream cone and a bar of Fazer's dark chocolate, they didn't have popcorn cones but they had damn expensive chocolate bars. I went to K- Market and found them both, I also wanted to buy a can of carrot juice and a bag of vinegar crisps, but I couldn't afford them and besides I had promised to buy only two nomnoms a week.

I ate the ice cream cone while walking to the bus station. I took the bus 452 to Kaivoksela, went to Lidl and bought toothpaste; back then when I lived with my parents, we once had the same herb- flavored toothpaste and I loved it, so I decided to buy it this time. Another reason for buying it would also be the affordability; it only cost 70 cents for such a big sized tube, and I like using different hygiene/beauty care products instead of using one product regularly.

I walked to Myyrmäki through a park, once home I put my purchases in right places, forgot to wash laundry and I'm probably not going to wash dishes or finish watching the movie Peacock today.

I enjoy my 50's housewife life nowadays. The only thing that bugs me is being always tight on money and not going out so often, but things are definitely looking up to me.
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This photo from SlutWalk was in a tabloid magazine, that's me in the pink tutu and Suvi next to me. That lady walking the dogs is a well- known Inky Queen tattoo artist, Wilma Schlizewski.


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Dudes and dudettes, if I may, I represent you the first Cybertronian- English swear word dictionary.

Pit = place where sinners go after dying; Hell
Slag = excrement; Shit
Frag = intercourse; Fuck
Glitch (fem) = a female dog; Bitch
Glitch (male) = a child born out of wedlock; Bastard
Aft = posterior part of a car/human body; Ass