August 18th, 2011


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  • Wed, 20:01: I find it hard to believe that Hilary Duff is prego, I always remember has a child actor.
  • Wed, 20:07: I have this overwhelming need to be nice and kind to people. Should I get my head checked Y/N/pancakes?
  • Wed, 20:10: You're not ugly, society is.
  • Wed, 20:18: A trip to the library and a few cups of sweet tea. It's amazing how simple things can make you happy.

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I had a few disturbing dreams, including running on a field full of little fires on a dark night, in another dream I planned to get an abortion.
The dreams started to get better; I was having an adventure in Helsinki, and in another dream I had sex with Michael Myers (from the Halloween movie franchise) in a dark barn in the light of candles. He kissed my neck roughly, I could feel his lips move through his remodeled Captain Kirk mask, and then he zipped his baggy jumpsuit open, and that's when I woke up.

Sometimes I think my dreams are like visions of Heaven, especially the ones where I am having adventures, or being molested by Michael Myers.

I also had a dream I was quarreling with one of my dearest friends, it made me a bit uneasy.

I got up, brushed my teeth and took a shower using peeling cream and hair conditioner. I dressed up and had breakfast.

When I was writing to my diary how I don't feel motivated enough to hoover the floor, wash the dishes and iron the laundry, I got up and did all the aforementioned housework.

I cooked some broccoli and warmed some potato mash in the microwave oven and had lunch. After that I decided to get on moving, to go to the library and then to Helsinki.

I visited the library to pick up my requests and then took a bus to Helsinki. I had originally planned to go to the Museum of Natural Science, but ended up just hanging around.

I visited Lush, I had been planning to buy some Lovely Jubblies cream that is supposed to make your jubblies more firmer. I was mighty disappointed to see it was sold in such a small jar, despite being expensive. Maybe I should stick to Nivea?
Anyway, I think Lush products are the greatest thing since bread came sliced; my favorites are Rehab shampoo, American Cream conditioner, Pink Fairy shower gel, Mint Juleps lib scrub and many, many others.
Too bad I don't have a bath tub, otherwise I would use the bath bombs every day! And too bad I'm not a millionaire, otherwise I would buy and use the products regularly.

During the day it started raining, I didn't mind as it only felt refreshing.

Once in Myyrmäki, I went home and cooked some tomato soup. It left a shitton of dirty dishes, just when I washed dishes this morning.

I brushed my teeth and washed my face sloppily, and ran out of facial cleaning. It sucks big brass balls when I run out of something crucial and can't afford it until next week.
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