August 22nd, 2011


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I had a dream about Halloween and Christmas at the same time. In another dream I lived in a small colorful tent, I liked it there but the neighbors were too nosy and the wind kept on flapping the walls.
In another dream I was watching Nightmare on Elm Street films.

In between dream and reality, when I have my greatest ideas, I started wondering if I should duct- tape wallpaper onto my walls so I can easily tear them off when I move out.
Somehow I feel like I don't like my apartment, it doesn't feel like home. I guess it would be better if I still lived in Martinlaakso, that's where I am going to move after I get a job; after all, these apartments are rented only for young people.

When I got up, the time was approximately nine o'clock. I had to gaze at the clock for a long time before I realized that it was nine in the morning.

I brushed my teeth, took a shower using peeling cream and hair conditioner.

I was thinking of taking a nap, but every time I laid down I didn't feel like sleeping anymore.

I had a bowlful of oatmeal porridge and a glass of milk for breakfast. I hate drinking milk, it tastes greasy, makes my breath smell and I hate the idea of drinking something that came out of a cow's udders. It tastes better when I mix it with cocoa powder.

I checked out my online bank account, and noticed that I had received my extra welfare. I would go to the hairdresser's today and then go buy the clothes from Hennes&Mauritz in Leppävaara, and I also needed to buy a new lip balm and facial cleansing gel.

In the morning I had had a disgusted and frustrated feeling, later the day I started to feel anguished as if there was no hope in this world and everything had no meaning. Sometimes my emotions go like a roller coaster.

It was an hour and three quarters until my appointed hairdresser, and I didn't know what to do so I took a nap. I had set my alarm clock to ring when I was supposed to get up.

I slept as sweet as a baby, and once my alarm clock rang I had to get up, turn it off, visit the bathroom, comb my hair, put on my boots and go out while shaking the last flakes of sleepiness off my head. Once I got out, I felt a bit pepped up.

I went to a cash point and withdrew 100 euros, and I was at the hairdresser's at a nick of time.

The hairdresser cut the ends off my hair from here and there, they were dry and looked a bit bad. She also shortened my fringe, and the end result was lovely.

I still had to wait for Suvi, we had agreed to meet today. While waiting for her, I went to Café Bretagne on the third floor and ordered an ice cream orgasm with one scoop of chocolate, vanilla and toffee, whipped cream, chocolate sprinkles and chocolate sauce. It tasted heavenly!

I rang Suvi and asked where she was, she told me that she was at the beautician having her eyebrows and lashes done.

After she was done, we took a train to Helsinki and visited Lush, where I smelled the Sunny Side bath bar and got some golden glitter stuck on the tip of my nose.

We went to Hennes&Mauritz, where Suvi bought some clothes and accessories and I booked some more clothes; for some reason, I think that tomorrow when I receive the weekly allowance I will be able to afford food, hygiene and all the clothes I have booked, along with a new diary.

We went to Wrong Noodle Bar, Suvi had goat cheese and tofu chicken noodles, I only had a bottle of orange juice.

We took a train to Myyrmäki, it started raining. And my god, it rained so hard! After me and Suvi had went our own ways and I started walking back home, I was sopping wet within seconds.

Once home, I took my wet clothes off and changed into a clean nightgown. Can't beat the feeling.

I had some supper, brushed my teeth and washed my face. Soon I'm off to bed, and tomorrow I'll go shopping again.
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