August 23rd, 2011


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Gee, I have a lot of weird dreams nowadays! I almost lose count of them when I write them down onto my diary.

I woke up early this morning when something came crashing down in my kitchen; frightened; I buried myself under the covers and I was sure it is the desolate Kayako who came to devour my soul; then I had a crazy idea and thought that everything I have taped on my walls had fallen down. Then I realized that the haphazardly collected pile of dirty dishes had fallen down and spread crumbs of potato mash everywhere, luckily nothing was broken.

Later the morning I got up to put everything in order, drink a glass of water and go to the bathroom to change my sanitary pad. Yes, pussycat has a nose bleed again, as a result my underbelly and ass hurt like hell.

I went back to bed to sleep a little more, when the sun rose I pulled the covers over my eyes to prevent the daylight from reaching my eyes so I wouldn't wake up completely.

Later the day I got up, the time was approximately eleven a.m.

I swept the potato mash crumbs off and took the laundry off the drying rack to iron it later.

I brushed my teeth, washed my face, took a shower, anointed my body and dressed up into the yellow dress I had bought yesterday.

I had a breakfast and did a little housework here and there, later I turned my laptop on, logged on to my online bank account and checked out if I had received the weekly allowance, and there it was.

I went off; I visited the library to pay my fees and fetch my request, the book Perks of being a wallflower by Stephen Chbosky.

I went to Anttila and bought Freeman Feeling Beautiful mint&lemon face mask and apricot facial scrub. Then I went to Citymarket and bought groceries.

I hauled the bags up the Kitler hill, luckily they felt lighter than usual.
Once home, I put everything in their right places and then I was off again.

I took some things to the recycling banks, such as old tins and old aerosol can, then I took a bus to Helsinki and went to Ruohonjuuri to return an old canister of ecological laundry detergent to recycling.

I visited Hennes&Mauritz and fetched the articles of clothing I had booked earlier; a pair of ballerina shoes I intend to use as work shoes, a gray and black striped blouse and a black miniskirt with silvery safety pin pattern.

I went to Citymarket and bought a bar of chocolate as I had some sweetie cravings. I have been thinking of starting to eat two bars of chocolate everyday, but I don't think I will; it's unhealthy, I easily start ignoring healthy food and then I gain weight and hate myself again, and it's also very expensive.

I visited a paper shop to buy Monika gaia_child a card, she has recently given birth to a baby girl and I wanted to congratulate her.

ED!T: OMFG 1850th entry!
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