August 26th, 2011


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I am a bit down in the dumps once again, so prepare for a lot of whining.

Yesterday I just slept all day, because on Wednesday evening I swallowed four tranquillizers to get sleep.

I had received a letter from the social office, I had applied for income support to pay my home insurance bill. The bill was sent back with a letter stating that I have enough money to pay it, which I don't have.

I really need to think my life over again. I need to do something important, not just laze around stuffing my face with chocolate and pining over old memories. I just don't know what I should do.
Of course, my night school starts next week, but it's only during evenings. My parents are pressuring me to get on a work experience period, which I will probably do just to shut them up.

I cried today, it made my head hurt. I wish I could just stop crying, it doesn't solve any problems. No wonder even my best friends used to call me a crybaby when I was in junior high.

I'm so tired.
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