August 28th, 2011


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I had kind of murky dreams, which turned out to be happy before I opened my eyes and bam, I was awake. Sometimes I think that my dreams are visions from Heaven.

After getting up, I put on my bathrobe, drank a lot of water and scribbled to my diary.

After a while, I took a shower, brushed my teeth, washed my face, anointed my body and brushed my hair and dressed up.

I had breakfast, oatmeal porridge with lingonberry jam and rye bread. I had no veggies or fruits, except broccoli and that's supposed to be eaten cooked during lunch.

After washing the dishes, I called my mom and told her I am coming over.

I hopped onto my bicycle and drove all the way to Martinlaakso.

Both mom and dad were home; mom was doing housework and dad was fixing the floor slates in their bedroom. He was cursing a lot.

Mom made me some lunch, I drank a few cups of cocoa and surfed on the Internet on their laptop which is about as crappy as mine.

Me and mom went grocery shopping in S- Market, we bought cinnamon rolls and milk. Once home, I had some cinnamon rolls with cocoa and I was so happy.

After a while, I hugged and kissed both of my parents and told them to take care, then I hopped onto my bicycle and rode a long way back home.

Once home, I hoovered and mopped the floor, dusted the carpets and started cleaning up the bathroom. I am now updating while I wait for the cleaning liquid to dissolve the mold off my bathroom walls.

I have a groovy feeling now, as if I could do a lot of housework! Too bad it is evening and I have to take my meds, change into nighties, have a wash, go to bed and wait for another amazing day.

ED!T: OMFG 1860th entry!
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