August 30th, 2011


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Once again I had a dream that makes me think I might be a urophiliac. In the dream I was completely naked, peed on my hand and splattered the pee on my breasts. In those kind of dreams, I always enjoy peeing alone, kind of like masturbation, never with a partner.

I also had dreams I had died and gone to Heaven. In my dogma, Heaven is where all people go, no matter how evil they are and no matter what god(s) or goddess(es) they believe in.
For instance, if you like dogs, there will be dogs galore in your Heaven, if you like 70's clothes you will have a wardrobe full of those kind of clothes and so on. In Heaven, there are roller coasters, strawberry fields, grape Jell-o, and every person is so happy that they don't feel the need to quarrel. Everyone is friends with everyone.

I also had some murky dreams, they made me feel a bit bad.

I got up at quarter past nine, as I usually seem to do. I did the morning routines as usual and started waiting for my "payday".

I would have to go to the night school this evening, so I decided to set off a bit earlier to make it in time.

First I went to the library to return a stack of books, then I took the bus 452 to Helsinki. It was raining on and off, just like yesterday.

When I received the money, I went to Idea Forum and bought birthday cards to everyone whose birthday is next month; vastatuuli, opethian23 and derkapitan.

I went to Suomalainen Kirjakauppa in Kamppi shopping center and bought "welcome to your new home" card to mckaarle and random greeting cards for Bonita and notxdeadxyet. I will send all three tomorrow, that is, if I remember.

I took a bus home and went grocery shopping.

Once home, I did some housework before I went to the local Suomalainen Kirjakauppa and bought myself a notebook for the biology class.

Once in the night school, I talked to the principal about my studies after I have received my diploma from high school.

The first lesson was okay, I really like the teacher as he is very gentle and has a nice sense of humor. I was a bit nervous though, because I'm not sure if I will get a good grade.

After the class I was supposed to go see the principal to talk about the studies, but I forgot.

Tomorrow when my mom had a day off from her work, we will go to the book shop to buy me the textbook for the biology class.
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