August 31st, 2011


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:> National Be Beautiful In Your Own Skin Day
:> Princess Diana died 15 years ago
:> The last day of August. My oh my, how time flies when you're waiting for the next payday

Random facts about me:

:> I have taken up the habit of eating chocolate everyday, once again
:> I'm picking my nose as I write this, never mind the boogers on my keyboard
:> When I created my first LJ account, I used the "anxious" mood icon excessively during the first days and pined why my Tank Girl: Apocalypse comic album I had ordered from Kukunor had not arrived yet

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Random facts about me:

:> When I don't feel like doing housework, I read an excerpt from a book, describing a person doing housework. After that I feel motivated to do it. Don't get me wrong, I like doing housework but sometimes I am just feeling lazy.

:> I am able to fart silently.
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1870th post, only 130 to go

Yesterday evening I went to bed after doing all the evening routines scrupulously, I thought of watching Tracey Fragments but then I decided that it would only disturb my thoughts as the movie is very tragical.

I didn't get any sleep, mainly because worries about money, studies and friends kept me awake.
As for money, I seem to spend more than I can earn.
As for studies, I don't understand a single thing about biology but I need to master it because I want to earn a good grade.
As for friends, I have managed to butthurt a few of my dearest friends, and depressed myself at the same time.

I decided not to take any tranquillizers, they don't make me sleepy at all but rather make the drowsy on the very next day.

I decided to do the usual thing I do when I don't get any sleep; tidy up.
I got two huge black plastic bags, one for the useless stuff to throw to the garbage, one for the useful stuff to give away to charity named UFF (short from U-landshjälp från Folk till Folk i Finland, developing world country help from people to people in Finland). I could have taken the useful stuff to Salvation Army, but I don't want to support religious systems.

I looked through my cupboards and drawers and every single corner and nook in my apartment, and as a result I felt very enlightened and cleansed, like I would have had just taken a huge dump.
And the strangest thing is that I don't miss the stuff!

After I was done, I went back to bed. But when I was looking around in my apartment; it's so small that when I lay on my bed, I can see almost everything inside it; I got up and started the ballyhoo once again.

After I was completely done, I went to bed and started to feel sleepy, bless. I slept for three hours, got up, turned my laptop on, created myself a new Hotmail account (I was about to write HOmail) as the last one was hacked, had a quick wash and dressed up and did some random housework.

I desperately wanted to try out my new wild bluebell & bergamot thrill- scented rinse, so I washed a pair of my old curtains that I absolutely refuse to throw out, because I might need them later in my life when I move to a bigger apartment after getting a job.

I had a lot of business to do today; I had to take stuff to UFF and take out the garbage, visit the library, visit Heluna Fashion, go see my mom in the book shop to buy a new biology textbook, visit my parents' house and so on.
Too bad it was raining, and when I say it was raining I really mean it. There was a ceaseless downpour all the time, and meanwhile I was sitting in my apartment, watching Kick- Ass! on DVD and wishing for the rain to end so I could go for some errands.

Later, I took out the garbage, took a huge sack full of useful stuff to the UFF container, visited the library to return some books, took the bus 452K to Taka- Töölö and visited Heluna Fashion.

I was glad I could finally make it, after all when I first visited it this year it was closed for summer, the next time it was already closed for the day, the third time I realized it wasn't open on that day of the week, and now, whew!

The shop assistant was a very nice gal, we talked about the National Be Beautiful In Your Own Skin day which, according to FaceBook, is today, I fitted fake leather biker boots and tried on a few Crazy Rumors lip balms. Mind you, the Crazy Rumors lip balms have tons of nice scents; bubble gum, apple spice, ginger ale...

I went to the city center and visited a couple of more shops, Kiasma Shop and DAY. Sometimes I hate to see how there is so much nice stuff everywhere and I can't afford everything I want.

In the city center, between the shopping centers Forum and Kamppi there is some sort of van that works as a coffee shop; I decided that next time I receive money, I am going to go there to have crepes with lemon sugar and a cup of Nutella- flavored hot chocolate.

Once home, I gathered some more useful stuff, including a small Indian purse and two empty notebooks (normally I wouldn't give away my notebooks, but I had accidentally bought the two because I didn't remember that I had already bought two of the same design), I was thinking of giving away my Transformers: Bumblebee keyring, the one I use to guard my supermarket trolley tokens, I had accidentally broken off his left leg and besides I had received it from my friend Hillary who had booted me off her flist because she had gotten butthurt of my joke about the tsunami in Japan, so I decided to throw it away. I already have my eye on a new keyring.

I took the stuff to recycling, then I went to the bookshop where I met my mum. She bought the biology textbook, then we went to Citymarket to buy ingredients for the following recipe;


Let me tell you, I can cope with my mum when we're both home, but when we are shopping I'm always nervous because I can't seem to be able to say the right words or do the right things without making her mad.
As for my mom, she whined how expensive the chocolate chips are, then she kept on lagging behind: "Hold on, I am going to get some peanuts... hold on, I have to buy some coffee..."

She also bought me an ice cream, then she left because she had arrived on her bicycle, I followed her on a bus after finishing my ice cream.

Once home, mom was preparing for her and dad's holiday in Florida, I sliced the banana and put it in the freezer. After the gunk was done and I tasted it, well, it tasted like gunk made of bananas, peanut butter and chocolate chips.

I used my parents' laptop for a little business; I changed my
Tumblr username from "miiushka" to "rockdown",
Twitter username from "miiushka" to "cheese_pussy",
rule34 username from "miiushka" to "nessarose",
and my Formspring username from "miiushka" to "sicki". Seriously, I am tired of using the same username all over.

My ass has burns from sitting on this uncomfortable stool that used to serve me as a nightstand when I still lived home.

I hugged and kissed my mom goodbye, and asked her to hug and kiss dad in my behalf. I promised I would call her, and come for a visit next Sunday. And also visit their home to sort out their mail once they're abroad.

I took the bus 530 to Myyrmäki, once home I continued nerding on the Internet.
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