September 3rd, 2011


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I almost had insomnia last night, because I was wondering if this month we are living right now is named "October" in English. You see, I was wondering when the Oktoberfest is, then I realized, duh, it's in October. Then I started wondering, which month is it.

A not too long ago, I had decided to teach myself the months in English; in junior high I had trouble distinguishing July from June, kind of like as a child I thought the color white was actually named "yellow".

I had already turned off my laptop so I couldn't look up to an online dictionary and I had thrown my Finnish- English- Finnish dictionary away because I trusted online dictionaries.

And in case you wanted to know, I am clamoring over Oktoberfest because I like Tyrolean clothes sold in UFF, a Finnish- Swedish charity store chain, and I was told that during Oktoberfest there will be a Tyrolean clothing campaign in the aforementioned store chain.

I was about to wet my panties out of pure joy, but then reality came crashing in; I am piss- poor and Tyrolean clothes cost a pretty penny, and besides I need new biker boots and a portable dishwasher. Well, army boots are good enough to serve me until I receive my tax refund and I can make kitty- eyes at my parents and they will buy me the dishwasher. After all, my mom bought me a laundry machine after I once mentioned needing it.

In the morning, after waking up when it was still dark, I heard some noise from the neighbor's balcony; it sounded like a frat party, music blaring and people hooting with laughter. I also heard them clapping their hands, it kind of reminded me of the Gogol Bordello song Dogs were barking: "Dogs were barking, monkeys clapping, and my wedding was just about to start..."

I didn't get any sleep, so I got up and turned my laptop on, even though I made a decision to do the morning routines before that, but I didn't mind. I needed to check out the online dictionary and keep up with the stupid- ass drama I have been creating here and there.

And I also learned that October is next month, if I buy the portable dishwasher this month I will be able to afford Tyrolean dresses. I want one lilac for my Jeliza- Rose cosplay and one brown to be like Bliss Cavendar from Whip it!

While taking a shower, I also brushed my teeth and washed my face, after that I made a facial mask and put on a yellow dress.

Later the day the counselors from Laturi came for a visit, it was pretty awkward.

After they left, I watched the movie Boys don't cry and did a little housework.

Soon I got bored and started wondering what I should do; write, read, surf on the Internet, go outside or just do housework? I decided to go to the library to fetch my requests.

Once home, I watched the movie Kick- Ass! all the way to the end, ate chocolate and surfed on Wikipedia.

I didn't bother with housework nor even having a wash in the evening before I went to bed, it made me feel a bit bad. I need to change my wanton ways.
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