4th September 2011


Last night there was about to be a fistfight in the yard; some neighbors were blaring music and some neighbors were yelling from their balconies.

I had nightmares of The Human Centipede and a dream of visiting Kellokoski. It seemed far more like Camden town rather than the cow- patty of a town.

In the morning, I once again turned the laptop on rather than doing the morning routines first.

Before I took a shower, I noticed that my skin rash is getting better, at least it isn't reddish and the hard skin is starting to flake.

I took a shower, brushed my teeth, washed my face, dressed up, ate some chocolate and so on.

Now that I review this day, I think I mostly I just sat in front of my laptop and ate chocolate.

I also hoovered and mopped the floor, and after rolling on my bed just for shits and giggles I was enticed by the bed, so I grabbed my Ed Hardy cuddle blanket and took an ex tempore nap.

The only time I like taking naps is when I don't have nightmares of Silent Hill monsters, I don't feel guilty for wasting my time, I don't sleep until evening and most of all, after waking up I feel all "Good morning sunshine, the world says hello!"

I washed some laundry, and after a while Suvi came over; she had returned from Britain this week, she brought me Mr. Kipling's French Fancies and an 80's coffee maker; I had told her I need to buy a coffee maker and she told me she has a spare one.

We ate the fancies, listened to Parry Gripp's Om nom nom song and talked about things and stuff, like we usually do.

After Suvi left, I started washing the week- old dishes and realized that I may not need a portable dishwasher (I accidentally wrote "fishwasher"), because after washing the dishes by hand I realized that it's not that bad.

I took the carpets out to dust them, after that I was supposed to clean up the bathroom, but didn't as I was too busy sittig in front of my laptop and eating chocolate.
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