September 11th, 2011


PLZ comment.


My Metal Gear Solid codename is The Scorpion. Laaaame.


Replace the human population with SpongeBob. Yeah baby!


I showered with Ron Weasley because we were horny. I'm a regular sex kitten.


Nick of Haze. Yep.
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Random facts about me:

1. When I find a cute picture from Tumblr, I save it, print it and Scotch- tape it into my cupboard door.

2. I might be lactose intolerant, but I don't mind because I enjoy thunderous farts.

3. I'm going to write as many entries as I possibly can, so I'll reach my 2000th milestone sooner.

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I had a dream of my happy place, a small town with a cake shop, bath product shop, flowery meadow, merry- go- round, train station and lots of balloons; usually in the dreams it's sunny and warm and now it was dark and wintery.
I also had dreams of getting lost and another dream where I looked out of my window and saw a finite sea under my balcony. I decided I will never move out of this apartment, so you can guess I was mighty disappointed once I woke up.

In the morning I was grumpy about practically anything; I got dust stuck to my foot soles from walking on the bare floor, now that the carpets were on the balcony waiting to be dusted and I hadn't mopped the floor.
My stomach was roaring for food, but luckily I didn't have those sweet cravings. I'm still thinking of visiting a doctor next week to talk about them, but I guess I'll wait and see if they get any worse.

After taking a shower and having a breakfast, I mopped the floor and then went to see my parents. I decided to take a bus as I didn't feel like riding my bicycle.

Both of my parents and my brother were home.
My brother's hair has grown from a crew cut to a pixie cut, his body is awfully lean and sinewy and he seems to be very passive- aggressive. I can't help worrying about him, if he's experiencing the problems with money, healthiness, relationships, personal feelings and all around coping with life, the same feelings I experience.

I spent the day surfing on the Internet on my parents' laptop, for some reason I am most productive when using their Internet connection. I helped mom with housework and drank cup after cup of cocoa. I decided I won't buy milk and cocoa powder to my own home as I may grow addicted and replace meals with it, and besides it makes my stomach upset and then I have to take about five dumps a day accompanied with thunderous farts.

Before six o'clock I decided to go home, I hugged and kissed both of my parents, said bye- bye to my brother and told them to take care.

I took the bus 45 to Myyrmäki. It's been a sunny day, but there's a bit of bittersweet feeling of the oncoming autumn in the air.

My nails are in a very good condition, I think I might buy some nail strengthener from a health shop; I don't like Trind nail care products as they have formaldehyde in them.

I have taken up the habit of keeping the balcony door and the window open every weekend, from Saturday morning to Sunday evening, except during nights. I will also close them when I'm not wearing clothes, and when I go out. That way I will have fresh air for the whole week.

Me and routaneito have been planning to go to a theater in Kaarina, a town near Turku, to see an amateur production of Stanley Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange. We will also go see Rocky Horror Picture Show when, and if, it's ever shown in Finland.

Next week there will be a campaign in all of the UFF stores in Finland; all of the Tyrolean clothes will cost 5 euros a piece! I need to get a pink dress because I have been longing for one, and also a purple dress and a brown dress. My mom will also give me an increased allowance to buy new shoes, the vegan biker boots I have wanted for a long time. My current lace- up boots are in a bit of a bad condition, but I can walk with them. I don't feel like throwing them away, so I will give them to charity.

I have taken up the habit of posting my Tumblr reblogs to my LJ, I hope you will enjoy them too.

Alright, now I'm off to dust the carpets, clean up the bathroom and maybe I'll post a couple of photos this evening!
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I'm on a roll, so I'll update again.

I know it's getting quite late and I still haven't dusted the carpets, cleaned up the bathroom or washed the dishes, I will do them tomorrow in case I don't nap all day again.
I really enjoy doing housework, but sometimes beginning to do it is a bigger task than actually doing it.

My apartment smells a bit weird; now that I have ventilated it, there's a fresh smell. Some places, especially near the dustbins there's a putrid smell and some places it smells like incense or air freshener.

I still have pimples even though I wash my face every morning and evening and use moisture cream, and at least try to have a proper diet. Nevertheless, I enjoy popping my pimples.

Tomorrow I will do the housework I didn't do today, and maybe go for a walk or a bike ride if the weather is nice. I don't know if I will go to Helsinki, I don't usually do that on Mondays.

Sometimes I wish art museums were open on Mondays. Which reminds me, I still need to buy that membership card for Tennispalatsi art museum, along with Amos Anderson art museum. I better add both of them to my shopping list.

On Tuesday when I receive my allowance, I will buy a shitton of groceries to serve me for the week, and with the rest of the allowance I will buy Tyrolean clothes.
On the week after next week I will buy new boots along with proper insoles for them; I have had the habit of purchasing Footbalance insoles every time I purchase a new pair of shoes, because they make the boots more comfortable to wear.

The evenings are getting darker. I guess it's a part of autumn.
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