15th September 2011


Let's imagine a world WITHOUT MUSLIMS, shall we?

Without Muslims you wouldn’t have:



Experimental Physics






Crank-shaft, internal combustion engine, valves, pistons

Combination locks

Architectural innovation (pointed arch -European Gothic cathedrals adopted this technique as it made the building much stronger, rose windows, dome buildings, round towers, etc.)

Surgical instruments



Treatment of Cowpox

Fountain pen

Numbering system


Modern Cryptology

3 course meal (soup, meat/fish, fruit/nuts)

Crystal glasses



Gardens used for beauty and meditation instead of for herbs and kitchen.








Mariner's Compass

Soft drinks




Plastic surgery


Manufacturing of paper and cloth

It was a Muslim who realized that light ENTERS our eyes, unlike the Greeks who thought we EMITTED rays, and so invented a camera from this discovery.

It was a Muslim who first tried to FLY in 852, even though it is the Wright Brothers who have taken the credit.

It was a Muslim by the name of Jabir ibn Hayyan who was known as the founder of modern chemistry. He transformed alchemy into chemistry. He invented: distillation, purification, oxidation, evaporation, and filtration. He also discovered sulfuric and nitric acid.

It is a Muslim, by the name of Al-Jazari who is known as the father of robotics.

It was a Muslim who was the architect for Henry V’s castle.

It was a Muslim who invented hollow needles to suck cataracts from eyes, a technique still used today.

It was a Muslim who actually discovered inoculation, not Jenner and Pasteur to treat cowpox. The West just brought it over from Turkey.

It was Muslims who contributed much to mathematics like Algebra and Trigonometry, which was imported over to Europe 300 years later to Fibonnaci and the rest.

It was Muslims who discovered that the Earth was round 500 years before Galileo did.

The list goes on...

Just imagine a world without Muslims. Now I think you probably meant, JUST IMAGINE A WORLD WITHOUT TERRORISTS. And then I would agree, the world would definitely be a better place without those pieces of filth. But to hold a whole group responsible for the actions of a few is ignorant and racist. No one would ever expect Christians or White people to be held responsible for the acts of Timothy McVeigh (Oklahoma bombing) or Andreas Brevik (Norway killing), or the gun man that shot Congresswoman Giffords in head, wounded 12 and killed 6 people, and rightly so because they had nothing to do with those incidents! Just like the rest of the 1.5 billion Muslims have nothing to do with this incident!




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You might be a conservative if...

1: You’re irate over the president taking so many vacation days on the taxpayer’s dime (61 thus far), but you thought George W. Bush earned every minute of his leisure time (196 days at the same point in his presidency).

2: You’re happy with your 40 hour work week, paid vacations and company-provided healthcare, but you’re strongly anti-union, because those commies haven’t done anything for you lately.

3: You strongly support the First Amendment and it’s guarantee of religious freedom to all, but you don’t think Muslims have a right to build an Islamic Community Center in Manhattan.

4: You believe Ronald Reagan was a devout Christian, even though he hated going to church, but any president who spends twenty years going to the same Trinity United Church in Chicago must be a Muslim.

5: You believe when a Republican governor creates a healthcare package with an individual mandate for everyone in his state, that’s a good idea. But when a Democratic president does it, suddenly it’s unconstitutional.

6: You’re so enthused about demonstrating your Second Amendment rights, you can think of no finer place to brandish your pistol in public than at a presidential rally.

7: You believe Bill Clinton was responsible for Osama bin Laden’s escape ten years ago, but thankfully George W. Bush caught up with him and killed him in Pakistan.

8: You believe in putting American jobs first, except when president Obama rescued 1.5 million GM and Chrysler autoworkers, because that was socialism.

9: It angers you that you can’t communicate with the Mexican busboy at your local Olive Garden, but when you took a vacation to San Francisco’s Chinatown, you thought it’s quaint that so many Chinese-Americans are holding fast to their traditional language. Because that’s America!

10: You deny that the lunatic who tried to murder Gaby Giffords was a conservative, even though he targeted a Jewish, pro-choice, pro gay rights, Democratic Congresswoman.

11: You thought it was perfectly normal that every president in history had an untethered right to raise the debt ceiling when warranted, but when Obama asked the GOP held congress to do it, you thought it only natural that it be tied to cutting Social Security and Medicare.
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Last night I finished watching the movie Antichrist. It was goddamn awesome and gorgeous, the kind of surrealistic movie I like. My favorite scene was the final scene.

I had dreams of the musical Starlight Express and roller derby combined; I was a goofy Hurl Scout who kept on bumping on everything, much to the dismay of other carriages. I was transferred to Victoria Station after CB the Red Caboose was fired.

I had a typical reoccurring dream, I was in Myyrmanni shopping mall checking out the Christmas decorations and boxes of chocolate.

In the morning, as every Thursday, when taking a shower I used hair conditioner and peeling cream on my face and hands, and I was halfway rubbing it on my body when I realized that I only use peeling cream on my body on Mondays.

After finishing breakfast, I washed the dishes and ironed my laundry. After finishing housework, I turned my laptop on, logged on to my online bank account and noticed that mom had given me the money she had promised. I transferred it from my savings to my deposit, and then I was off.

Now that summer is over, I have started wearing my kitty hoodie and striped scarf instead of My Little Pony Goes Rock hoodie and PLO scarf.

I went to the shopping mall and visited a cash point to withdraw money, reloaded my traveling card and went shopping for necessities such as a brush and detergent for washing the dishes, hand cream and a few chocolate bars.

Once home, I warmed some of the bean stew I had cooked yesterday for lunch, it gave me a lot of gas but I didn't mind as farting is one of my favorite pastimes.

I did some housework, and went to the night school.

I'm not sure if I am motivated towards studying; I know it's important, but I find studying very hard as I have a short attention span and besides, it's very hard to actually remember everything you have been told during a lesson.
My way of studying for tests is like bulimia; I devour information and barf it onto the test paper and then forget it.
I guess that once I start studying in the vocational school, I will get used to it.

I have decided not to wear makeup anymore, I hate how I can't rub my eyes without getting my eyeliner smudged.

I ordered the Maureen Medved book Tracey Fragments from CDON.com, I might order the DVD later.

I think I'm going through another identity crisis that might develop into a multiple personality disorder; I want to treat other people in a friendly, gentle and loving way, but it's turning out to be very hard when other people treat me the opposite.
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