September 18th, 2011


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Before going to bed last night I watched video strategy of the first Silent Hill game, on mute volume because I'm a scaredy- cat. I learned a lot about the puzzles and overall about the game.

I dreamed of railroads and Christmas shopping, everything nice. I also have this reoccurring dream about a small sunny town where I can find a cake shop, train station, merry- go- round, flowery meadow and balloons. I think it's a glimpse of Heaven.

This morning, after getting up I turned my laptop on and watched the rest of the strategy videos.

I was feeling quite morose, as usually in the mornings when I'm doing the routines.
I brushed my teeth and washed my face, took a shower, dressed up and had breakfast. After that I washed two loads of laundry and washed the dishes, made a facial mask and started planning what to do today.

I decided to go to my parents' house to pick up the money they left for me and check out if they have left everything in order. I noticed a pang of longing when I thought of them, but I comforted myself by the thought that they had gone for a happy vacation to sunny Florida, not to be sacrificed by Satan worshipers. And I know they will bring me lots of candy and souvenirs.

I took the bus 55 to Martinlaakso and used my own key to get inside their apartment. I took the 27,15 euros they had left, drank some cocoa and cleaned up a little.

After leaving, I didn't feel like going home yet so I decided to get on a little urbane adventure; I took the bus 51 to Pakkala and visited the Jumbo shopping mall, just looked around for a while.

I visited BR Toys, the same shop where I had bought my darling Optimus Prime backpack and felt my heart melt when I noticed that they had Zhu Zhu Hamsters and Monster High design bedlinen! I might buy a packet of them both after I have spared enough money. Too bad I can't find Optimus Prime bedsheets anywhere, so I better order them from

I took the bus 615T to Helsinki, there were a lot of tourists aboard as the aforementioned bus travels from the Helsinki- Vantaa airport to Helsinki.

During the journey I took my camera from my backpack and looked through the memory card, deleting photos I didn't feel like saving anymore. Once the memory card is full, I will have the photos printed in a camera shop and Scotch- tape them into a photo album.

Once in Helsinki, I went to Kiasma shop to look around; I decided that in November before the ARS 11 exhibition is closed, I will use my extra welfare to buy ARS 11 merchandise like an African scarf, a couple of notebooks and a key ring for my supermarket trolley tokens. My Bayformer Bumblebee keychain lost his other leg, and besides I have decided to chuck off everything my so- called friend naggingfishwife ever sent me.

I wanted to go to this coffee shop to have lemon sugar crepes and a cup of Nutella- flavored cocoa, but there was a long queue and besides they were out of crepes, so instead I went to Arnold's Coffee and Bakery Shop and bought two bagels. I sure love their bagels, but I would like to eat something else for a while.

I went from shop to shop, until it started to get late so I took a bus to Myyrmäki as I had to visit a clothing shop named Cubus to buy an orange blouse, before the shops are closed for today.

Once in Cubus, I grabbed a Medium sized orange blouse, and once in the cashier I noticed that they had cute little bottles of nail polish for sale, including nail serum and cuticle cream. I have been looking for nail strengthener that is not too expensive and doesn't have formaldehyde, and I think I just found it!
I have ignored my nails for too long, and I think I should also start taking care of my feet. I might take up the habit of appointing a pedicurist every six months.

Once home, I drank lots of water. I might clean up the bathroom this evening, or maybe tomorrow.
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As if I would be scared of burning in Hell, when I'm already there.

The thing I really like about Internet is when I meet different people; back then when I was in junior high and we didn't have dongles yet, I had to use a modem and I could only use the Internet for about half an hour a day, I dreamed of having an online journal where I could write about my daily hell.
Most of all, I wanted a friend with whom I could share my thoughts. Like I read from a book that was my favorite then; "It's a really comforting thought that a random teenager in Australia or somewhere else in the world think the same way.
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Question cat has a question

Do you enjoy reading my journal? Is there something you would like to know more about my life? Don't be shy to comment, suggest something and I will start writing more about it.
And lastly, I would really appreciate if you helped me to correct my grammar. If you notice an error, please don't hesitate to inform me about it.
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