September 22nd, 2011


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This morning I woke up very early, and got up at half past five as I didn't get any more sleep.

I was still down with the flu, but I decided to do the morning routines as usual. When taking a shower, I used conditioner on my hair and peeling cream for my face, hands and lips. I dressed up into neat clothes.

I didn't bother with cooking a breakfast, I was so ill that I would only throw up everything I have put in my mouth.
Later the day I started feeling very hungry, my stomach was grumbling. I cooked some ramen noodles (mind you, I am not the kind of poor person who eats only noodles, I can cook other kind of food but I keep some noodles aside for a quick meal), it kept the hunger aside.

I was supposed to visit Heluna today, to purchase the vegan biker boots.
I waited for many long hours before the aforementioned shop was opened, then I took out the garbage (mostly used paper handkerchiefs) and went to the bus shop.

In the bus, a bunch of scruffy- looking middle aged men were trying to socialize with a bunch of women of upper socioeconomic status. It's quite a typical sight here where I live; a poor man trying to seduce an older, richer woman.

Once in Töölö, I got off the bus and went to Heluna to buy the boots. I fitted them with the insoles, they felt quite comfortable. I paid for them, put my old boots into a shopping bag and went off.
I have decided to have the old boots fixed in a shoemaker's and give them to charity.

I walked to the city center, the boots rubbed abrasions on my feet and they felt also a bit too big. But I guess I would get used to them.

Once in the city center, I went to the Central Railway Station and visited K- Market to buy two cans of carrot juice for refreshment.

I walked out of the shop while opening the first can, and saw a youngish man acting quite weirdly. I stopped by the rubbish bin to drop the cork of the bottle, and heard the man yell: "Hey girl! You, in the red tartan cap! Hey! You can hear me for sure!"
First I didn't mind him, I knew he would stop once I was out of his vision, but he ran after me. I became worried, ran up the escalator and yelled for help, and once I got out I ran to the bus stop, and the man didn't follow me.

I was mighty scared, my heart pounded and I couldn't stop thinking what could have happened if he had caught me.

I went home, changed my clothes and went downstairs to the common room where the counselors (not the Laturi counselors, the company that leases apartments to young people uses counselors to help the inhabitants with problems) were, I talked to Sara for a while. She gave me some cookies and juice, I got cheered up a bit and soon I found myself thinking that for sure I was damn lucky to escape the aforementioned situation.

My Internet connection has some motivational problems, it works only when it feels like working. I hate it.

I hope I will feel better soon. I hate staying inside all day in pain, with my nose running and my head hurting.
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My new boots. Love 'em.


They're vegan biker boots, and they have this awesome tartan insole.

They're a bit too big and when I first walked with them on, I had a huge abrasion on my left heel. Well, I shouldn't complain, after all I have wanted them since last summer and besides I spent a pretty penny on them.
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