September 28th, 2011


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I had a dream I was wandering on a railroad on a dark and stormy evening trying to find my way home, while wearing nothing but panties.

This morning I woke up feeling hungry, I ate some mint chocolate ice cream and rye bread. After that I had a wash, dressed up, had peppermint chocolate for morning and didn't bother with dishes.

I took a nap and set my cellphone's alarm clock to ring when I had to go down the Kitler hill to meet Suvi in a beautician at the mall.

I got up later, but went back to bed. Later when my alarm clock rang, I got up and sluggishly prepared to leave, but when I made it to the yard my head felt clear.

I met Suvi at Nicekauneus, she had her eyelashes and brows dyed. While waiting, I visited the library to fetch a request, a music album.

After she was done we went to the library once again, Suvi fetched a requested school book.

Suvi drove us to Uomatie, we listened to the Murderdolls album Women and Children Last.

We went to Kotipizza, Suvi had two discount coupons. I ordered a cherry tomato- mozzarella pizza, Suvi had a tuna- shrimp pizza.

After lunch, Suvi drove us to Munkkiniemi where she works at a firm, I caught a tram to the city center.

I went to MicMac and bought a nail file made of glass. I have decided to take better care of my nails, I also need to buy formaldehyde- free nail serum and a bag for my nail care products.
I visited a few shops and wanted to visit a few shops more, but I was tired and thirsty so I took a bus to Martinlaakso to go to my parents' place and sort out their mail.

After I was done, I went to the bus stop but the next bus was 516 that goes to Hakaniemi, and 453 that goes to Helsinki. I decided to walk home, mainly because I wanted to drive my shoes in.

Once home, I washed a couple of loads laundry, including my PLO scarf and My Little Pony Goes Rock hoodie.

My grandma called me, I tried to talk to her as nicely as I could. And maybe there is some hope that I might start liking her.
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