October 6th, 2011


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Yesterday evening I dyed my hair again, it was the typical red color I have used before. I didn't even have to read the instructions because I have practically memorized them. I think the result was lovely (and my bathroom didn't become as messy as I would have thought), but I know it's not going to stay for long.

I have been thinking of dying my hair blue, green, purple or pink in December, perhaps blue. It gives my family something to remember during the cold winter months.

After going to bed, I noticed that I had this weird feeling in my throat, it was kind of constricted. I loosened the collar of my nightshirt and took a few deep breaths.

I had nightmares of Silent Hill and dreams of Rautalampi, in the morning THE voices bullied me again and I was bawling my eyes out for that. Nevertheless, I did the morning routines minus washing the dishes.

Today in Kilterinrinne were supposed to have a major clean- up day when the residents and the counselors tidy up the house together, mainly the common areas like the storage room and the laundry room, but no one came except me and some dudes. So we decided to just sit around eating crisps and candy and talking.

It was a really murky day, I would have enjoyed it if it wasn't for the ceaseless rain. They have predicted a real storm in Finland.

Today I was supposed to go to the final exam in biology, so I walked through the rain to school.

To make a long story short, I didn't make it. I looked at the questions, and that was when I learned that I should have studied better.

I went to talk with the principal, and he suggested me that we could have an oral exam in which the biology teacher asks me the questions and I answer them, and then the whole shit is done.

I walked to Myyrmanni, feeling like I wanted to rip off a Carrie. I bought some Halloween candy from Citymarket.

Once home, I felt a lot better. Now all I have to do is study hard for the exam, but it's wishful thinking as always.
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