October 8th, 2011


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I just hate my life some days.

I sleep late because I have no reason to get up. No work, no studies, no friends to meet, no happenings or something like that. And I actually enjoy it, sleeping as long as I feel like, and having nice dreams. Even my nightmares are nice.

Every day seems to be a small life; morning is birth, day is life, evening is the autumn years and night is death.

I am kind of addicted to playing SPENT game. It made me think how lucky I am to live in Finland, where I don't need health insurance or something like that.

I had a dream that me and my friends were in an amusement park, all the others were having fun and I was just standing there, because I couldn't afford anything.
I hate being so broke all the time. I'm never able to have fun, when all the money I "earn" goes to food, bills and rent. If I earn some extra money, I can't buy anything nice, I always have to spend in on food and things like that.

I have been trying to study biology, but it's kind of hard. When I am not studying, I feel guilty for not studying; and when I actually try to study, I don't know where to start, and I can't understand a thing about biology or other "scientific" subjects like that, I am more gifted in "artistic" subjects like linguistics and arts.
Most of all, my method of studying has always relied on remembering things from the heart and forgetting them after the exam. Kind of like bulimia; gobbling up information, barfing it out onto the test paper and forgetting everything after that.
Jesus Christ, it's all about one simple exam and then I will receive my diploma and apply for vocational school! Why can't I do that when everyone else can???
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Things that make life worth living right now

:> Cheesy poofs omnomnomnomnom
:> The colors of autumn, the crisp and chilly weather
:> Team Fortress 2 porn
:> Doing housework
:> Attack of the radioactive hamsters from a planet near Mars
:> Going to see my parents tomorrow
:> Having a graduation party next week, despite not actually graduating but what the hell
:> Tumblr
:> Talking on the phone with Suvi
:> Music by Weird Al Yankovic
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