October 9th, 2011


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I'm writing this entry to reach my 2000th milestone.

My LiveJournal has been my lifeline ever since I created my first journal selma5678 in 2004; I have written about my life, love and blunders, hurt and healing, sunbeams and cupcakes, rain and the sun.

I wish you all a long and happy life!

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Now that there are some new Awesome Peeps on my flist, mind if I ask you this;

do you want to receive mail from me, as in cards? Birthday cards, Valentine's day cards, Christmas cards, cheer up cards or just random cards?
I can't afford to send presents, but I may send something nice randomly every once in a while.

If you want snail mail from me, send me your address in a LJ note or e- mail at smekkleysa@hotmail.fi, and you'll have mine in exchange. And remember to include your birth date and your username.

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I haven't written about my daily shenanigans for a while, perhaps for two days, so here goes.

I had a very interesting dream during the night between Friday and Saturday. It was so surreal that I can't write much about it, but it was interesting anyway.

Yesterday I did housework the whole day.

This morning the first thing to do after getting up from my bed was to turn on my lappy, log on to Yaoi!Gallery and look at Team Fortress 2 porn. Here's a work of art by yang, I had to upload it on my Tumblr account because Photobucket won't accept rude images and ImageShack is a piece of shit. EXTREMELY NOT SAFE FOR WORK, don't click this if you are a wussy and don't kick me off your friends list because I did warn you

Today I made a face mask out of Freeman Feeling Beautiful Deep Pore Cleansing Mint and Lemon Clay Mask, and went to see my 'rents.

I was wearing my geisha skirt, even if it was very chilly outside.
It was such a breathtakingly beautiful day, the sun shone from the completely cloudless sky and despite the chilliness, the sunlight warmed me pleasantly.

I took the bus 45 to Martinlaakso. An old drunkie was staring at me with lust in his eyes at the bus stop, but his comrade greeted him and that's when he lost interest in me.

Only my mom was home, my dad was at work; after my folks came back from Florida my dad has such a burden of missed work. I feel sorry for him, but after all, he's a Finnish man who is not afraid of work.

I drank a few cups of cocoa, surfed on the Internet and went grocery shopping with my mom.

I was thinking of waiting till my dad came home, but I was getting bored so I kissed and hugged my mom goodbye, and told her I was coming over next week and I would also call her.

I decided to walk home as it was such a blessed autumn day. With a galleon of milk in my stomach, you could imagine that once I was home my stomach was roaring like a thunderstorm, and I had to take a mega dump once I was home.

As a final touch I should clean up my bathroom, it's a very easy task but for some reason it always feels hard to begin. I should also make some dinner.
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It's so weird how the less money I actually have, the more stuff I crave. Today I ordered a pair of lace gloves from Backstreet and a small cosmetics bag from Heluna. At least I will pay them with, um, the kind of system that after receiving them, I will have two weeks time to pay.

Here they are.



This man makes my panties tingle.

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As there are some new Awesome Peeps on my flist, I am trying out this meme.

Ask me as many questions as you like about me. No matter how personal, I will answer truthfully.

Hot damn I will.

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♥ I am posting my entries on FaceBook again.

♥ I have had numerous erotic nightmares of Eddie Dombrowski from the Silent Hill 2 game for a while now; I am wearing a red and black gothic ballgown, and I comfort him as he always seems to be morose because of being bullied. He falls in love with me because I am the only one who shows kindness towards him; soon we start making out and then we start making babies, and he always has a hard time rolling up the hem of my ballgown and I have a hard time finding his junk under his stomach flabs.

♥ I have been asked if I like or hate porn. And I tell you; depends. If it's mainstream porn with big busted blonde babes faking lesbian acts, icky. If it's yaoi fan art like Heavy/Medic from Team Fortress 2 or Prowl/Lockdown from Transformers: Animated, yum. As you might know by now, I enjoy gay porn. I also have a huge kink for BDSM and urophilia.

♥ According to the last heart, a smart geek knows their TFs; either it's TransFormers or TeamFortress.

♥ Thanks for chatting with me on FaceBook, bloodangel, I appreciate that. Hope you don't feel numb after the cat left your lap.

♥ Geezie wheezie, it isn't even Halloween yet and I am already making plans for Christmas!
Also, there are two ways I feel about Christmas; either I am head over heels about baking ginger snaps, giving and getting presents, decorating the Christmas tree, eating delicious food, spending time with my friends and catching snowflakes on my tongue, and so on, or I am a total Grinch and feel like Christmas is all about American cultural imperialism, I'm never able to afford presents, and when I go see my parents for Christmas break my parents always quarrel or then my brother quarrels with me, it's almost a tradition with the Ylitalo family.

♥ In case you have been wondering about the etymology of my last name, Ylitalo means more or less "Overhouse" in English.

Kirjoituskyvyttömyys: Freewill vs. fate

Is love destined or is it a choice?

I don't actually believe in fate, even if I believe that everything that happens, good or bad, is a gift from the universe.

Then again, I think love is a choice; I myself don't believe that love at first sight could happen to me because after all, I have known Weird Al Yankovic ever since his album Bad hair day and I didn't fall in love with him then.

I also don't believe that there is only one true love for you; I mean, loving couples may break apart and find new lovers.

Love is a many splendored thing, I might say.